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Palo Santo Protection Spray

Palo Santo is an amazing tool to have at your disposal in all its forms; wood, incense, oil, candle, and even it's smoke is just a powerhouse of clearing, cleansing, and protecting!


I absolutely love the warm scent and the benefits Palo Santo offers us. Some compare Palo to the aroma of Frankincense but I believe Palo is a beautiful and unique scent all on its own. A natural aid in relieving stomach aches, fighting stress, reducing pains like arthritis, and healing many other ailments.


Palo Santo has been gaining attention for being a natural cancer treatment and healing benefits of inflammatory diseases. Palo santo helps support the immune system and regulates inflammatory responses, helping those who may suffer from a poor diet, pollution, allergies, and more. Palo santo is used for emotional and spiritual support by shamans for decades, and growing more popular now amongst many other healers worldwide.


Once inhaled, palo santo travels the olfactory system which helps turn on the body’s relaxation responses and reduces panic, anxiety, and insomnia.


Apply to your head, neck, chest, or spine to help you unwind and fall asleep easily. You can also use Palo to fight off headaches and a cold or flu!


Palo santo is known to fight infections and viruses that can leave you sick and exhausted. Improving circulation and recharging your energy levels, can help you feel better and help with the severity of dizziness, congestion, or nausea. Many love to burn the dried wood and use palo santo as a tool for smudging, similar to sage.


Personally, I find sage to be a little pungent, but Palo is just as powerful and with a less abrasive scent for clearing, cleansing, and protecting your home, body, personal items, and spirit! This Palo Santo Spray is more so aimed at the body, but of course, you could anoint other items with it.


I love to spray my car, home, room, bedding, clothes, etc. Whenever I am working with energy clients, I use Palo Santo Spray. Same for going out into the world, or when I am just needing to get grounded. Especially if I feel I've been the aim of someone's ill intentions or energetic daggers. You can even add some to the shower or tub when you feel a cold coming on! Dehumidify and clear nasal congestion. Diffuse for relaxing and calming vibes in your home. Palo Santo is the gift that keeps on giving.


In this Palo Santo Spray, I combine 100% pure grade Palo Santo essential oil, into Witches Hazel and H2o to assist and engulf you in the power of Palo Santo. I also infuse each bottle with the intention of wrapping you in loving energy, all while grounding and protecting you! Keeping you safe and secure body, mind, and spirit!

Palo Santo Protection Spray

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