Beautiful Rose Quartz and Tigers Eye Crystal Pendulum Necklaces!


Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulums open the heart chakra, and engulfs the wearer in love!


Rose quartz aids those who are grieving, have experienced heart break, break ups, distance in relationships, and just in genuine helps to keep the heart balanced and aligned for love!


More benefits of rose quartz:

Unconditional Self love

Love in relationships

Gently sooths

Assists inner light

Opens the heart C

omfort in time of grief

Release negative vibes

Protection for environment

High vibrational energy

Overcome Sadness 

Fertility benefits

Sleep well

Benefit skin when rolled on

Feel more peaceful

Attract more love

Fight nerves


While a Tigers Eye pendulum grounds and protects its wearer!


Tigers eye is a powerful tool for providing protection to you in energy and in life.


The frequency is high but the energy is soothing and allows for stimulating in all the right areas! Working with the 3 lower chakras tigers eye helps to..


Bring focus to the mind

Attract good luck

Deepen your meditations

Ground and center self

Release fears and doubts

Feel clarity and certainty

Feel more confident

Work in integrity

Align with prosperity

Feel safe in travels

Increase physical strength

Self discipline Increased

Navigate stress easily

Pursue goals with stamina

Be stable in relationships

Even tempered presence

Stability in life

Security in self


These are both available with a thin black cord necklace! Choose which type of crystal pendulum feels right for you!!

Pendulum Necklace

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