Pleiadian Passion is a blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in which I channeled from the pleiadian Emissaries of light several years ago.

Roll on is 5ml (Roll on Bottle)
Sm blend 30ml (Dropper Bottle)
Lrg blend 60ml (Dropper Bottle)

Combining these specific oils together creates a unique and otherworldly aroma and sensations.

Many of those who have smelt the scent have said it's as if they've just gone to their true home.

If you're a starseed, Lightworker, are engaged in hands on healing, or just want to connect more with star beings and energy, this blend is for you!

Lavender relaxes you and opens you up for spirit communication, Elemi elevates you bringing your consciousness into the higher dimensional energy, rose engulfs you in unconditional love and compassion, while Angelica Root allows you to see from a higher perspective and access higher Frequencies.

Together this blend will assist you in trance channeling, going into a deep meditation, automatic writing, facilitating healing, and just delivers a feeling of being at home ♡

These are made to order and ship from Duxbury Massachusetts. They are available in Amber Brown spray, roll on (blue or brown), and blend options.

We ship out every Tuesday so depending on when you order will depend on how quickly it arrives!

Depending where you live will determine the shipping time and costs ♡

As an advanced aromatherapist, Master Teacher Healer for several modalities, an intuitive channel for the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and Mentor for the Munay-ki-rites.

I have been receiving and creating one of a kind 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil blends infused with intentions to assist you in an myriad of ways.

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I will be adding more options for this channeled blend here in the Etsy store, as well as many other recipes in roll on, spray, 30ml - 60ml blend bottles, 4oz 8oz body butters, 4oz 6oz sugar/salt scrubs, and my hand crafted candles ranging in size, intent, and scents!!

Not responsible for any adverse reactions or issues resulting from use. Be sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in the product you purchase.

Ingredients used: assorted essential oils (listed individually in each product), rose infused witches hazel, witches hazel, coconut oil, water

Pleiadian Passion Roll on

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