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Protection Candles
Protection CandlesMade specifically for you and your situation.If you need Protection for yourself, a love connection, friends, family, or anyone/anything in particular, please make a note when you place your order.I will set special intentions for you!!If you are just wanting general Protection just place your order regularly, and I will know to set intentions for your overall well-being.Made with intentions and Nag Champa Oil.Nag champa is a powerful Protection tool and smells amazing!One of my favorites whether in candle, incense, or oil, Nag champa is a great addition to your Protection rituals.DIRECTIONS BEFORE AND AFTER!Hold candle in hands when you receive it, I have already activated and charged your items, but you should hold on to the candle and close eyes.What does it look like, taste like, smell like to have protection in your life..Imagine it's happening now! Then relax and know its coming.Don't spend too long focusing on the new reality just a few minutes to get clear and allow the Universe to know what you will be creating.Then find a safe place to light your candle and again light with the intention this flame and candle will aid in the power of creating the new desired results you wish for!Then give it to the universe and carry on with your day.Allow the candle to burn until even amount of wax has melted across the top so not to create a hole and waste it.*Do not exceed 4 hours burn time.*keep in a safe place for burning*When your candle is completely burnt down with 1/4 inch of wax in the bottom you should discontinue burning.You can still keep the energy burning in your life.Simply write on a piece of paper what your intentions or new reality looks like.Whether it be in a loving relationship, safe from the harm of others, full of abundance, or filled with passion and place that paper inside the empty candle jar to help boost your intentions and creation.Keep in safe place and charge in full moon, under special equinoxes or other special dates that feel important to you and your situation or life.You may also decide to make moon water or something special with your jar the possibility is endless and totally up to you!These candles will be made specifically for you per order.

Protection Candles

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