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Rose Clay Single Mask

Rose is a flower of Love beauty and luxury

The flower has been adored by many for eons and any time I find rose available in a new way I seem to end up with it added to my own routine and magic.


The newest method rose has appeared in my life is within the form of clay powder


Many benefits can be found from rose clay 

  • A gentle cleanser and exfoliator
  • Support the removal of clogged pores
  • reduces inflammation
  • natural support to circulation
  • gentle and soft for all skin
  • remove skin impurities and dead skin
  • Pull out harmful oils and bacteria
  • Absorbing excess oil that clogs pores and cause acne.


Kaolin rose clay also works well as a skin soother and toner.

This clay works very well to soothe inflamed or irritated skin.

Additionally, it helps tone skin looking more vibrant through its exfoliating properties.


The Goddess Venus aka Aphrodite was said to use and adore the delicate soft power of rose and the magic which they posses.


Cleopatra was also a beautiful divine feminine who practiced many methods of beauty with use of clay being one. 


The power and magic which I have seen myself through various products and tools, rituals and ceremony has led me to a love affair of sorts with rose and all her many ways of appearing in our world. I have created decks with roses as the main cover, and designed imagery many times, channeled into numerous oil blends, butters, sprays, and within my personal shampoos, soaps, perfume, incense, feminine products and sensual additions used 


Twin Flame is one of my most popular blends which features rose and lavender. 

The rose is a love fueled beauty adding power of pleasure and is also featured in a new Sacred Flame Blend, and has been in my offers with Pleiadian Passion which star seeds seem to also enjoy.


When I saw the rose clay I was guided to get this and activate, and charge with intention

and add some lavender essential oils to the powde