Sex Magic Roll On helps you to tap into your sensual energies and works as a natural aphrodisiac.

Use the magic of this blend infused with energy and intentions, along with your own intention to attract in your hearts Desire for some freaky deaky time.. or whatever it is you wish to receive ♡

Made with all natural 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

Blending Lavender, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, and Rose together to create a beautiful aroma and an intimate scent.

Use solo to enhance your experience with self pleasure, imagining your desires coming to you..

All while knowing this powerful sexual energy will ripple out and attract your person of interest or desired outcome of interest!

Use with your counterpart to enhance your incredible passion and desire in the bedroom, and tap into even more pleasure together.. ♡

Please check other listings for candles and sprays as they are sold in seperate measurements ♡

In Munay Namaste Bridget
Advanced Aromatherapist Master Teacher Healer and Channel ♡

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Not responsible for any adverse reactions or issues resulting from use. Be sure you are not allergic to any ingredients in the product you purchase.

Ingredients used: assorted essential oils (listed individually in each product), rose infused witches hazel, witches hazel, coconut oil, water

Sex Magic - Roll On

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