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Stefania Akashic Evolutionary Crystal Services

Stefania Corini is a certified healer and channel for the divine. She has been connecting and expanding for years now through certifications, and exploration of her talents and gifts with Spirit!


Her newest offers are Evolutionary and can help to break through blocks and stagnation in your life. As well as help to manifest amazing opportunities and balance in your world.


The new healing sessions can be done in one of two ways.



A live chat to analyze your blocks, fear and what you need and want to manifest to send you a remote healing crystal sessions. With an evolutionary Way to use the New Era Crystals 


I have a Certificate from the EVOALCHEMIA academy 

Where I study a new way to use crystals (new era and not) for a healing and combine colors, rays and sounds together for a new distance healing experience


Full Service $100 


Within 48 hours of your purchase Stefania will email you to book a time for a Live Chat

This chat can be on Messenger, Instagram, Google Meet, or whichever works best for you and your time zone.


The live chat will take approximately 45 to 55 minutes and we will discover exactly how to best serve you and your energy session.


Then within 7 days from the chat we will choose a time where I will remotely send the healing energy to you for you to enjoy however you choose.

$100 Full Session Evolutionary Crystal Healing



  • If you prefer to just have the remote session that is fine too


I will still email you to check in prior to the time I actually do the healing session and find out if you have any set intentions or areas of concern to focus on.

Remote Session Only

$49 USD



Quantum Healing remote session

$49 USD


The quantum healing is the most powerful instruments to help ppl in a quickly way.

I’ve studied more than one method that I mixed for a powerful solution. 


Akashic Records Reading 

$40 USD


Live Chat  - pre-session for Akashic records Reading 

Many times ppl doesn’t know what to ask or how to questioning their AR for their best 

So together we can chat and find the correct question and the correct FOCUS to work on.


I’ve notice that it’s helps a lot ppl tp obtain the answer they’d like to know




Book With Stefania today and connect with her powerful energy!


Stefania Akashic Evolutionary Crystal Services

PriceFrom $40.00
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