Tin candle Hearts are 6.5oz and available in several scents and intentions!


Twin Flame (full details below)

Love Spell (cast a spell upon your love interest and bring out your natural sensuality)

Protection (protection for any area of life or a specific purpose)

Abundance (Attract Abundance and prosperity easily and effortlessly)

S. Magic (a natural aphrodisiac blending together several sensual aromas and energy to enhance your pleasure solo or with someone else)

Morning Coffee (imagine the morning after a magical evening waking up to fresh coffee. Your love in bed beside you smiling and offering you a pick me up before rolling around and making love! Invigorating and energizing!)


We have 2 new scents too!


**Divine Masculine**
Divine masculine is a fragrance oil that smells like red polo men's cologne and helps to attract a real Emperor into your life. A man who will pursue, protect, and provide in all ways! Get yourself a good one!!

**Love and Abundance**
Is a mixture of my twin flame recipe with some Abundance thrown in to create an abundance of love or love with an abundance of anything you like! Rose and Lavender come from the twin flame recipe, elemi uplifts, frankincense is just delish and protecting while also creating abundance. Patchouli is grounding and also helps with the attraction of abundance, and Angelica root is high vibrational and helps us to get the support and guidance of spirit!


Check out Etsy to see and get one!! Divine Masculine and Love and Abundance Twin Flame Candles are all natural soy candles with a blend of Rose and Lavender. **If you DO NOT want rose and Lavender flowers in your candle please make a note at checkout!** Go over to our other listing and order one with a pendulum inside to harness the energy of the candle and its intentions indefinitely.** As well as assist in answering your deepest questions in regards to love and life! **These candles have had incredible results in attracting and reuniting those on a Twin Flame Journey. I make them with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, and All natural Soy wax. As well as infusing the intentions for calming and relaxing with the lavender, while engulfing you in love with the rose! This helps you to relax and release attachment to outcome which is key in manifesting anything! These were originally made for myself, and when I got a message from a certain someone that night, while the candle was still hardening!! I knew others would benefit from the effects. I've heard from many others who have been receiving phone calls, unexpected visits, unions, and even some brought in a new love which turned out to be their Twin Flame! Directions!! Light with intentions! Visualize your love calling, texting, reaching out to you in the physical! Then give it over to the universe, relax, lean back and allow your visualization to happen!It's about releasing the resistance but letting the universe know what you expect! What does it look like, taste like, smell like to have your love in your life?? Or money, health, wealth, happiness, protection etc.Imagine it's happening now!! Then relax and know its coming!! When your candle is completely burnt down you can keep the energy burning in your life. Simply write on a piece of paper what your intentions or new reality looks like. Whether it be in a loving relationship, safe from the harm of others, full of abundance, or filled with passion and place that paper inside the empty candle jar to help boost your intentions and creation. Keep in safe place and charge in full moon, under special equinoxes or other special dates that feel important to you and your situation or life. You may also decide to make moon water or something special with your jar the possibility is endless and totally up to you! These candles will be made specifically for you per order.. Feel free to make a note of your names if you're already aware of who your Twin Flame is.

Tin Candle Hearts

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