Soul Coaching in Memberships 

Who are the Coaching Calls For?

The Divine Feminine is close to my heart for I too am a Divine Feminine on her own 22 year long Journey with her Newly Awakened Divine Masculine!


I am so excited to see him this way, vulnerable, no sex leading us, and conversations I fall down laughing in. We finish each other's sentences, he has the exact same subconscious vision's and thoughts, and even says or mentions a topic I had just thought about or maybe spoke to one person on recently. I find myself seeking my mind asking myself did I tell him that, and I haven't but apparently traveling the Country in a RV cause of our dogs is something we both thought about on our own within 48 hours of each other.

Either that he is far better at the telepathy than I know lol.

Anyway I am super happy and excited for him and of course I hope he does not do what has done before, but even if he does, there is a reason for everything that happens.


I can not force him to be cool calm and collected, and I can not make him admit things if he does not want to. I can just live my life to the best of my ability and in the meantime offer my support to others who need some help getting their energy back to themselves, and releasing karma, past life lessons, attracting abundance and aligning for a Divine Union within themselves first and foremost, and then rippled back to them from the Divine Mirror  and in a Union of Balanced Harmony!

We have rituals, activations, Live Calls, Worksheets, and my first course is coming ASAP for Divine Feminine Rising

Marble Surface

Soul Coach

Bridget Rau

This is Bridget Rau with Divine Essentials!

I have recently launched some Memberships and Groups on Mighty Networks and some on my site here and they are great!

I have began soul coaching for Divine Feminine who is ready to do the work, heal, grow, and align into Union!

I also am teaching and Mentoring Women who want to build a business for themselves that is aligned with their Soul and Purpose at this time!

There is Star Seed Info and Downloads always coming in from the guides, and Activations are shared Monthly into the Groups, and a D.F. Union Activation on the 2nd Tuesday each month

3 monthly calls for Business at 7pm 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, and a 1am late night call  on the 2nd Thursday of the month for Essential Empress

D.F. Union early at 7pm and late 1am on the third Tuesday of the month.

I scheduled set days every month for different benefits which people can attend via a membership of $22.22 for founding Members Lock In at That rate

$44 for the VIP which unlocks 30% off savings of Service based offers Coaching, courses, readings and things no inventory needed for!


Drop In Call is $11.11 for just one of the many events

Single Purchase Activations when I post them to my website $11.11+

Who is an Essential Empress?
Business Mentoring 

Essential Empress, An Essential Empress is not Building an Empire Just Because, But Because IT IS ESSENTIAL  She Does.


She takes her power back from those who have abused her, lied to her, manipulated her or used her. With this power and distraction free zone she can truly create infinite possibilities and opportunities to heal and overcome to prove herself worthy of more than that

As a Business Owner I wear a lot of hats and have been successful in many ways in many places, from Facebook, to YouTube not one but 2 channels, to Instagram and TikTok, and then my Vimeo and Etsy shop. 

I have hosted successful classes and workshops in person, I created and attended Live events and fairs, and I have been doing online everything 3 years at least now!

My first year online we made 70k and in 2020 we hit 120k in sales. Right now for 2021 we have 86k in Etsy and several other places that pay me regularly all year. I will be teaching all I know and how to do all I do in these events and in online Courses via Mighty Networks