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The Sirian Atlantean Geometric Activation

Bridget is the bridge between worlds & her little Dachshund Dolphin spirit guides are assisting.

When I arrived I was greeted by a menagerie of lovely waggly tails and wiggly bodies of 7 Dachshund Dolphins. Each with a unique personality. All extremely loving. The Blue eyes of Alcyone pierced my heart with love. Each in their own way greeted me. Sirius insisted on joining in on our session, so he was let into the healing space.

Crystals of many types held the space. Music of transcendence played. Comfortable healing bed with candles lit soothed my soul as I lay down to receive. One of the sacred dolphin bones was placed on my heart. Bridget used some of her sacred oils, like warrior paint, on my face as she guided me in the meditation, bringing me thru a portal up into the sky to the planet Sirius B. I felt like I was floating upwards in a spiral of spirit dolphins to enter this blue water planet. I had not realized that the planet was made of water. But this of course makes perfect sense since the dolphin energy originates from this star.

In her meditation on Sirius B, I had a clear vision of myself as a high priestess. I was wearing long blue robes & entering into the palace with my hands out streached before me. I had dark hair that was pulled back and I was wearing some sort of head dress. Suddenly, I was seeing thru her eyes. It was like looking into a kalieascope. Yet each crystal was a thought that had form and energy. These forms were brightly colorful and moved like water. It was very beautiful.

Then Bridget brought me back thru the portal & down deep into the ocean to Atlantis. There I was in another palace. But this time, I was in a merman's body who was very playful like a dolphin. He had dark hair. He was the same soul. My soul. He was carving crystal dolphins. He was a very skilled artisan creating sculptures with his hands.

Note: A few years ago in a meditation with Archi (Golden Dolphin consciousness), I had seen my self in this Atlantean incarnation but, I had not realized that I was male. Then I had seen that I was creating with my hands, but this time more information was given. This time I was carving in crystal. Which makes perfect sense. What else would an Atlantean create out of? :)

Moving thru the crystal walls we came upon a door. A bright light was behind it. As the door opened the light was blinding. There floating above me was the most heavenly sight. It was the holy spirit. He was golden & just emanating light. Bridget instructed me to lye down. I felt odd lying down before the heavenly father. But I did as instructed. Then he lit up my meridian lines with the golden light.

Bridget instructed me to beam geometric objects of spinning light into my chakras. I could see golden Merkabas. Each was spun as she orchestrated the meditation. Then a beam of Golden light went directly into my sacral chakra. There were spinning dolphins around this light pillar. 7 in each circle of 7 circles. Each circle moving in a different direction alternating. Then they began to move as one in a spiral that was moving thru the light directly into me & connecting with the heavens. It was amazing! I wish I had a better word to describe it. "Transendance" is the closest I can come to describe what the experience felt like.

Bridget used the word "Manifest". Oddly earlier that day, I had drawn a Dolphin Divination card, the card "Manifest".

This meditation was one of Manifesting into the Healer I have been called upon to be. No more room for human self doubts or worries. Only walking in my truth. Sirius the Black Dashund Dolphin, saw this truth, for it was he who called to me as I was driving. He is a strong and kindred soul. The soul of the dolphins. It was an honor to be one with him.


Bridget is also from another planet and she is a communicator with the dolphins. She is a channeler of many wise guides from many planets & many dimensions.

Ocean filled Planets of gratitude!
Alul Quoy (Chumash Indian for "Dolphin", Go in strength & Go in Peace.

Love your SisStar Bonnie Blue.

Bonnie Blue

This month I began meditating for the first time in many many years. I went to one of Bridget's meditations and it was an incredible experience. I went back the next week and will be back this week. Her channeling from spirit, and the energy she facilitates into the room make it such an amazing experience. I drive 2-3 hrs round trip (depending on traffic that day) to make it there. And it's saying a lot because I actually hate driving

Renee Polcaro

Bridget is an amazing Healer and Medium. I feel so light like I'm floating out of my body with her Healings! Her messages from Spirit are always right on and beautiful. Her energy is that from out of this world You'll totally be coming back for more

Karen Rubino

One of a kind! No comparison. Absolutely love Bridget

Linda Freeman