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What Is Shamanic Death? How Do You Cope With It?

If you are so much as pinky-toe deep into the spiritual world, I'm sure you have heard of shamanic death. But, what do you think it really is? And, why do you really have to deal with it? After all, wouldn't you be better off if

what is shamanic death

After all, wouldn't you be better off if the Universe just told you what you needed to do to "raise your vibe", heal & ascend?

Well, the thing is, it does! But, you don't always listen. We're all so lost in the illusion of being alive(& what it means to be alive) that we've lost sight of what it means to be here.

Shamanism is not about being "high-vibe", it's not even about connecting with light beings. It's about connecting with the present moment & seeing reality as it is (without the filter of greed, darkness, or fear).

A shaman is as connected to darkness as he/she is to light. They see themselves for who they are & they see life for what it is- a self-created prophecy- a story that you've been telling yourself from the moment you were born, & a story humans have been telling themselves since the very dawn of time.

This expanded awareness is what gives them the ability to heal. After all, this is what gives them a sense of purpose.

Shamans don't "die" for themselves. They die for their community, the planet, and the cosmos.

Death is where their journey begins because that is where life begins.


It is ultimate chaos that makes way for order. It's ultimately darkness that makes us want light.

Now that we've discussed the significance of the concept of death for a shaman, let's now get to what shamanic death is.

What Is Shamanic Death?

Some people believe that shamans act as bridges between life & death. Others see shamanic death as more of a metaphorical phenomenon.

They consider a shamanic death (or an NDE as a matter of fact) a phenomenon that awakens a shaman to the world beyond our own.

I personally believe that neither life nor death exists beyond our current reality.

Shamans connect with energies that most humans, stuck in the mundane trap of their own minds, fail to.

These energies often present themselves as archetypes or beings or worlds (lower, middle & upper).

The life purpose of a Shaman is to awaken us to the divinity within them & outside us.

Shamans don’t just witness the surrounding energies. They participate in the life that exists beyond our awareness.

We, as human beings, have trapped ourselves in somewhat of a prison or “matrix” that keeps us stuck in the limitations of our minds.

Shamans see beyond that. They see life in ways many of us fail to.

Shamanic death is how they transmute the negative energies in their aura & environment. Unlike other healing modalities that talk about inviting love & discarding darkness, shamanism encourages us to accept & understand life as it is.

shamanic cycle of death & rebirth

Before we dive deeper into the shamanic death process, you may want to read about the 8 signs you are called to be a shaman.

Shamans, knowingly or unknowingly, transmute that darkness that finds its way to their energy field.

This can often take a toll on their mental, emotional & spiritual health, which ultimately causes them to undergo the metaphorical death process again and again.

Shamanic death is also the symbolic beginning of a new life.

Many people consider the infamous death the moment a shaman awakens to his/her path.

But, a shaman doesn’t just awaken once. They undergo multiple awakenings & just like a serpent, shed old skin every time they outgrow their old self.

How Do You Cope With Shamanic Death?

If you are called to the shamanic path, here is what you really need to know:

You are here to transmute dark into light. Only when you overcome the fear of darkness will you truly be able to appreciate life.

You aren’t cursed. You aren’t going through a phase.

You are different, though. Your soul doesn’t ask for light to counter the darkness.

You are a true alchemist who can transform dark into light, shadow into sun & night into dawn.

That’s not to say that light isn’t available to you, or light beings will not assist you.

If you are currently dealing with a shamanic death, call on Archangel Michael to hold you. Ask him to protect you & see the magic happen.

You are worthy of love. And, you are loved.

4 Tools You Can Try To Deal With Shamanic Death

shamanic tools

As a shaman, you will come across a variety of tools that will assist you in your journey.

Some will help you invite specific archetypes & light beings into your life, others will protect you as you navigate difficult times.

Here are the 4 tools that you can try to connect with your soul source & facilitate the death process:

1. Essential Oils

Essential oils with woody scents (like cedarwood & sandalwood) can help you ground & connect with the energy of Mother Earth.

Tapping into the energy of Gaia will not only cleanse the blockage in your root chakra, but it will also help you feel safe & protected.

Woody essential oils can help calm the “fight or flight” response that often makes us feel insecure, unsafe or ungrounded.

Floral essential oils can help calm your nerves & connect with the energy of your higher self.

Like a flower bud that opens to reveal its beauty, a shaman undergoes a metamorphosis to align with their divine purpose. They explore different aspects of themselves and the various realities they encounter, all stemming from their unique experiences.

As they do so, the shaman blossoms into a more fully realized version of themselves, radiating their true divine essence.

2. Sound Healing

shamanic sound healing

Sound healing is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to connect with higher states of consciousness.

Certain frequencies can help you shift your vibration & tap into the delta brainwaves that promote relaxation.

Shamans use a variety of tools to manage & manipulate their energy, including,

  • Drums

  • Rattles

  • Singing Bowls

  • Tuning Forks

  • Gongs

If you don’t have access to any of these tools, you can simply go to YouTube & play ambient music & white noise to release stress & connect with your higher self.

3. Tarot/Oracle Cards

Tarot cards don’t just help you predict the future. You can actually use them to facilitate your soul’s growth.

You can also use cards to call in & invite the archetypal energies that can support you.

There’s no right or wrong way to use tarot.

All you really need to do is shuffle the deck & ask for your spirit helpers to speak to you through cards.

You can also use these cards in healing rituals & ceremonies.

You can also work with a specific card of your choice if you think its energy will help you align with your guides.

4. Aroma Candles

Candles can help you summon & use the fire element for your healing.

While fire can help you create light in dark, & heat in cold, please note that it can very easily put you in difficult situations.

Sometimes, it can bring to light the ugly truth of a situation that you are not ready to deal with. It can also very easily burn the false illusions of divinity(spiritual superiority) that your ego has created.

Please note that the shamanic death process is not a one-time crisis.

It is a continuous process of processing negative energies that exists either inside you or around you.

While all these tools can you connect with the Divine, it is also important to remember that Spirit/Creator lives, breathes & exists as you.

It is as important to recognize your divinity as it is to connect with the cosmos.

You are a shaman, a healer, an alchemist, a lover, a teacher and a divine being who’s here to celebrate life.

Sometimes, that can put you in difficult situations. It doesn’t mean that things can’t get better for you or that you are destined to be miserable.

You are born to be happy & share that happiness with the world around you.

You’re destined to be all you want to be. You deserve to become all you can become.

You don't need to fight your path or resist the “shamanic death”. Death is just as divine as life, and dark is just as bright as light.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see that. But, trust me, when you do, you’ll realize everything is exactly as it should be & you are exactly where you need to be.

Take care!


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