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Star rites are extensions of the Munay Ki rites to come. These are galactic initiations that will help you release karma, manifest abundance and live a purpose-driven life.

Star Rites

1. Soul Star Rite

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The Soul Star Rite was first channeled by Natalie Alaya in 2009. After returning from Peru, she was drumming with her shaman friends when a group of Q'ero shamans came into the journey.

They passed on the rite to her and revealed its purpose.

The soul star rite will align you to your higher divine self that exists in 5D and above. It connects you to your original soul source, and aligns you with your soul purpose.

Through this rite, you will not only receive information from the stars, but you will also be able to recall your experiences in your star homes.

This star rite will help you connect with the galactic lineage your soul belongs to.

In this star rite, the mentor will activate 3 of your chakras:

1. Solar Plexus Chakra (with the energy of Pachamama)

2. Higher Heart Chakra (with the energy of Mamacocha)

3. Crown Chakra (with the energy of Wiracocha)

Let me explain what this means.

During the transmission of the soul star rite,

I will activate your solar plexus chakra with the energy of Mother Earth. This will ground your ability to manifest. You will then be able to being your manifestations from 5D to the physical reality.

Next, I will activate your higher heart chakra(also called thymus chakra) with the energy of Mama Cocha (Mother Of Water, The Origin Of Life). Since we are connecting with the energy of water, dolphins and whales will be the spirit guide for the soul star rite. 

This energy will help you manifest with unconditional love and joy. It will also help you find joy in everything you do. This will align you with your soul purpose. Afterall, Spirit never imposes your purpose on you. If there is something you are meant to do, you should(and will) want to do it. 

Finally, I will activate your crown chakra with Wiracocha(your soul source energy). This part of the activation will connect you to your 5D essence. This will help you connect with your star home and channel information that will guide you to complete your mission.

2. Pleidian Golden Woven Path Rite

The Pleiadian Golden Woven Path rite is a 300,000 old tradition. 

This pleiadian initiation will help you bypass 4D and ascend directly to the 5D. You will then join a lineage of Pleiadian souls who help passed-on individuals clear their karma and rise above the reincarnation cycle.

You will likely do this work on the astral plane. However, you can choose to do it consciously by gifting this rite to the souls(human, plants or animals) that have passed on(or are about to).

The goal of this pleiadian star rite is to purge collective karma by allowing passed-on souls to rise directly to 5D.

Each soul that enters 5D will then help with anchoring 5D energy on Earth and raising the vibration of the planet.

This rite is transmitted forehead-to-forehead. 

We will go up into the vortex, where you will meet 2 Pleiadian guides- a woman and a child( some people see a boy, others a girl.)

These guides will then take us to a golden path, to which you will add your thread. This will complete your initiation. 

You will then join a lineage of helpers(both pleiadian and human) who help lost or stuck souls cross over 4D and enter the realms of unconditional love(5D and above). 

3. Lyran Triple Infinity Rite

The Lyran Triple Infinity Rite is a star rite gifted to us by the Lyran masters of light.


This starseed initiation will help you attract abundance and manifest what you desire.


However, this rite is not just a gift. It is a responsibility.


This lyran triple infinity star rite will amplify your ability to manifest. After you receive this rite, it will become your responsibility to use it for good.

If you continue to think negatively and assume the worst in every situation, it most likely will happen.

After all, this rite amplifies your ability to manifest. And, you don't just manifest what you want to. You manifest what your vibration attracts.


In this transmission, I will take you up into the vortex, where you will find a merkabah(vehicle of light). You will travel through this merhakah to a lyran chamber. Three lyran masters will then join us for the transmission.

We will ask you to down on a golden healing bed. There, I will activate your solar plexus, heart, third eye and crown chakras with the infinity symbol.

The lyran masters of light will assist me with this activation. While I will draw the infinity symbols on each of the four chakras, the masters of light will activate your energy body with the power of this symbol.

They will also activate and connect your visual cortex with your heart chakra.

The lyran triple infinity rite will boost your ability to manifest.  The activation of your heart chakra will help you unconditionally love your manifestation. So, if there is something you don't align with or have outgrown, this rite will help you release it without resentment and anger.

4. Koto Kuna Karpay Rite

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The star cluster of Pleiades is believed to be the home to Incan ancestors.

In fact. they believe that the ancestry of the entire humanity can be traced back to Pleiades and a few other important constellations like Orion, Sirius, Southern Cross etc.

In this star rite, we will create a leyline from each of the seven stars of the Pleiades to your corresponding chakra.

Throughout the history, alignments have been made between these stars and various sacred sites and temples across the globe.

The Koto Kuna Karpay Rite will re-create your energy field, remove old energy and help you align with the energy of these stars.  After this initiation, you will become a sacred site aligned with the powerful energy of these seven stars yourself.

The Koto Kuna Karpay Rite will align each of your chakras with a corresponding star in the Pleiades. After receiving this rite, you will also observe that you connect to one of the seven stars more than the rest.

This particular star will shed light on your soul purpose. It will illuminate your path and guide you to follow your dreams.

Let's understand the meaning and the message of each Pleiadian star:

1. Puriq Qoto (Asterope):


Twin Stars(corresponds with the sacral chakra)


It is associated with our feet and legs. Asterope carries the energy of movement. It encourages us to move forward in life, regardless of the obstacles that come in our way. 

2. Tarpaq Qoto (Taygeta):


This energy is connected to the tail of the spinal column (our root chakra). It is a star of creativity. This star will help us plant new seeds in life and awaken our hidden abilities, potential, and skills.

3. Nawi Qoto (Maya):


Connected to the solar plexus, this star helps us to remember who we truly are and what we are meant to do in this incarnation.


4. Munay Qoto (Celeano):


Merope connects to our Heart chakra. The light of this star represents unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. 

5. Llanqaq Qoto (Electra):


This star creates bridges or portals between two worlds(represented by Chakana). It activates our throat chakra and allows service to Gaia. 

6. Illary Qoto (Merope):


This star works with our perception and makes it wider or more expansive. It is connected to our third eye chakra,

7. Kanchaq Qoto (Alcyone): 


This star connects to the Crown Chakra. It is the energy of the Divine. This star gives a blessing of pure energy. 

During the transmission, I will summon the energy of each of these stars and activate your corresponding chakra with it.

After you receive the Koto Kuna Karpay star rite, it will become your responsibility to meditate with these stars and connect with the information they send you as light codes.

watch the YouTube Series on Divine Essentials channel to learn more about these rites!

Must be purchased here as they are no longer available on vimeo thank you

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