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Alcyone Light Healing

A collection of information, tools, activations, and Healing learned and cultivated for 10 years. Now being brought forth with the help of Pleaiadian Emissaries of Light.

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Alcyone Light Healing

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Munay Ki Rites
A shamanic series of energetic rites which transform Your world in many ways. Each of the 9 rites will connect you with and deliver upon a different area or focus.

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Munay - ki rites

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Star Rites


are Sacred Rites that originate in  ancient history with there origins in other star systems. As one goes through the Munay - Ki they initiate into the rites to come before becoming attuned to the Creator Rite, well these are a few of the ones delivered to us and through us as creators of the rites to come!

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Star rites

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