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Celestial Oracle

Celestial Oracle

my newest Deck creation

I absolutely love it!


This deck is perfect for beginners and advanced Astrology lovers!!

Anyone wanting to understand all the technical terms and energy of each sign, House, Planets, and so forth.

This started off with plans of just being a black and beige Oracle deck of messages, with the 12 zodiac signs.

🪞However, that soon changed and evolved into an elaborate deck of several card themes and teachings blended into one amazing deck!


The Celestial Oracle

76 cards Tarot Size high gloss cards

12 Zodiac Signs

12 Zodiac Houses

12 Planet Cards

40 Oracle Messages

📦 Package Options..

Metal Tin (custom Imagery)

I have metal tins for Tarot-sized cards w/ the designs you see in the photos

Drawstring Bags Assorted

The Tarot cards can also be wrapped in a purple or black velvet pouch!


One option with this deck is simply deciding the size cards you like.

The 3x5 oversized large cards

They only allow for you to get them in a cellophane wrapping.

traditional tarot opens up possibilities such as pouch or metal tin for carry.

in the drop-down list. The price is obviously impacted by most changes. I hope you love this deck However you decide to use it!

Celestial Oracle

PriceFrom $59.00
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