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Custom Blend Signature Scent Manifesting and Attracting Intentions

Custom Blend Signature Scent Manifesting & Attracting through Intentions, Energy, & Scent.


Create a Signature Scent for Manifesting and Attracting Your Exact Intent and get your needs met. Simply include your intention or desire.


The names of all involved. If you have any scent preferences, a favorite essential oil. Dislikes/allergies you have. This is how you can help determine the process of making your own custom blend Scent.


I will then trance channel, open the vortex of diamond light, and with the assistance of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light gather the ingredients to make your new Signature Scent. Mixing my Certified Aromatherapist Knowledge, Divine Guidance, and IntuitionI will make you a high vibrational alignment blend that you will be able to gain the most benefit from.


This can be made into a Spray or an Oil Perfume in rollerball or dropper style. Use as a conjure oil, Anointing Oil, Ritual spray, in your magic spell casting, as a power of Attraction spray, magical manifesting perfume, or however you wish to use the magical spray or Oil blend created for you.



1oz Black sprays

2oz or 4oz Amber Brown Spray

10ml Rollerball Oil Perfume

30ml Dropper Bottle Oil Perfume


Manifestation and intentional creating is an incredibly powerful tool on their own, but with the added all-natural Aromatherapy benefits, these Sprays and Oils Simply exude a potency prime for Divine Health, Wealth, and Love Filled Living.


If you struggle with physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental dis-ease or lack harmony in any area, let's start working to bring you back to alignment together! Essential oils are amazing and basically have endless lists of benefits and uses known to aid in various ways.



Blends consist of 3 to 5 Essential oils in either a carrier of coconut oil or as a liquid with Witches Hazel, Alcohol-Free. We may also include dried herbs and flowers if appropriate. Occasionally spirit has brought and guided us to use Pthlathlate Free fragrance oil. We have also used mica powder, crystals, sound healing, Energy Healing, and anything that is guided by spirit.


*** We will send a postcard with your blend and inform you of the ingredients. As well as tell you anything spirit may share to assist you in using the product. This could be a specific routine, ritual, words, or message to you.


*** You can begin to use and bring forth the positive effects of not only the E.O.s, but all the intention, frequency, and light of channeled Divine Energies into your life with your very own blend.



I am a Master Teacher Energy Healer, certified in Usui Reiki, New Paradigm M.D.T, Munay-Ki Rites, Angel Communication, and a Certified Advanced Aromatherapist. I have been channeling and receiving direct support and guidance from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light for over a decade now.



In my first class for Aromatherapy, they gave me a simple recipe that anyone who has used raves about. It was to help sufferers of Migraines and consisted of 3 Essential oils in a carrier. I called it Migraine magic and it just works.



In another class, I was given a simple recipe to make Earth Goddess, which would be my Best Selling Blend for years. I made it as a spray, rollerball perfume, dropper style oil, body butter, and scrubs of salt or sugar. It literally, every time, no matter the way it was presented sold out. That was during the days of in-person work I did. Psychic Fairs, Evening Guided Meditation events, Gatherings to do Q&A trance channeling with the Pleiadians, and Classes where I taught Healing Modalities.



Later I began offering one on one sessions much like what is being offered here. I would interview a client briefly, find out the concerns or issues they had, then have them lay on the reiki table while I mixed together with their blend.


Then I would do a short guided healing session, sometimes I would use singing bowls or crystals, others would be more so important and based around the visualization I was speaking through trance channeling. No matter the exact process there, once I knew the client was relaxed and at peace,


I would introduce the scent of the blend or spray while they remain in a very tranquil state. With the added words to remind them that each time they smell this scent moving forward they would be capturing the magic of the Moment. Reconnecting to that energy and vibrational frequency in which will help to attract and improve the specific area of focus. BIG



One of those clients had expressed concern surrounding hair loss. Not long after our session, she reported to me that her hairstylist was amazed to find she was growing new growth at her next appointment! I ended up selling a lot of the recipe as a Hair therapy mask and even had a salon in Boston inquiring about buying the rights to it. I never followed up with them but the recipe is part of my sacred work, and something told me to keep it for now.



My brother actually became pretty crazy for a while and would request more and more of the more potent form of Hair Therapy I made for him, the entire time he stayed with me. It was in a dropper bottle and is oil-based instead of in a butter or mask style. It can also be made into a spray.




In later years I began using Aromatherapy in candles. The first time I was making some as gifts to give I decided to make myself a Flame of Love candle to get my Twin Flame to reach out. The Pleiadians told me what to use and I poured it last, put all candles on the counter to harden, and came up to my room. As I put my feet up to relax snapped a pic of my feet and said they were sore on my feed on Snapchat.


My Twin replied to that snap!!! After weeks of silence and he had ignored many of my messages in months prior to that. We had an on and off type of thing for a while, but that candle definitely ignited something. It's now known as Twin Flame Union in the shop and has had incredible results and feedback from many Divine Feminine. I also now have it available in all different forms and they all had reports of the intended results come in.



Abundance is another one that was led by the Pleiadian Emissaries. One of my best items and with a few incredible results told to me over the years. One was the girl who won one from me. She actually lit it and did the visualization of 100-dollar bills falling around her. She went to a casino that night and hit 10k on a slot machine. Another worked on Wall Street and at end of the year emailed to let me know she felt the candle was responsible for helping to get a 100k bonus that year. There are tons of amazing stories and synchronicity that I experienced and heard from many others through my work.

Custom Blend Signature Scent Manifesting and Attracting Intentions

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