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Desire Bundle - Mega Bundle Deal!
Offering a Mega Bundle of Desire Oracle Decks!

This Bundle includes all of my Desire series.

Twin Flame Desires
Deeper Desires
Erotic Desires 
 & Tantric Twin!

If you have been wanting to spice up your collection or connection this Bundle will definitely spark some passion!

Learn the inner thoughts, hidden truth, and desired wants of your love! 

Twin Flame Desires..
is one of my first decks created and has been a consistent favorite among many. Features all black glossy tarot size cards with a classic red writing in a sophisticated font..

Simple yet sultry with a beautiful cover image in black and white. Featuring a tasteful image with a pov from above peeking down the torso to reveal hands gently covering the breasts.

The second in the series, which essentially created itself. I hadn't thought about creating multiple decks that would go together as well as these do.. Yet as soon as I started the card designs Deeper Desires popped in my mind.

Deeper Desires..
A smaller design with trump sized  cards that fit perfectly in hand, making shuffling easy and effortless. The finish is more camera friendly at any angle, without a strong glossy coat creating light glares.

 Although smaller in size the bright images, attractive scenes, and carefully considered placement of messages makes for some big energy. On the cover we find a fitting image. A man with his arms wrapped around his lover, deep in enjoyment of kissing and caressing. Desires grow Deeper as he wishes to explore more of her body unbound or interrupted by under garments.  As he unhooks her top to explore more so too are you are invited to peek deeper inside.

The cards within you will find feature men and women with seductive, and enticing messages to match up to the images nicely.

Deepest Desires..
This is a much thicker deck as compared to the previous, the size of cards is traditional Tarot size, but we have 69 in total a fitting number. These are glossy smooth and gorgeous. This deck is one with beautiful images, bright and again the messages thoughtful in position.

This one is special for the messages on the cards all have a rhyme or rhythm to them as well! Making the words flow easier and off the tongue beautifully. Perfect for those who do recorded readings. Most of the cards can be read without fear of crossing a line on a social media site. 

Erotic Desires..
This one is spicy and most likely not one to be shared publicly much. I have actually only recorded one video when it arrived and realized just how intense it was haha. I just channel and flow sometimes without really realizing what's happening until later. Well thats how this deck came to be.

Pink and red fonts split evenly among the cards. Traditional tarot sized cards with a gloss finish. You basically have a deck that can speak back and forth between a masculine and Feminine here. The reading I recorded was absolutely perfect, as one Pink worded card came from feminine the red worded from Masculine would answer and go along perfect to the last message and essentially a conversation played out between the two.

Tantric Twin..
This is obviously not in the "Desires" category of names yet this is a gorgeous and unique deck. The images are alluring and soft. The messages are poetic and again many roll off the tongue easily. This is a deck of Traditional tarot size cards and no high gloss finish eliminating glare. The rhyme and rhythm is beautiful to read and the Tantric energy is potent and love filled.

All of these decks are amazing and loved by all who received thus far.

If you want to see our reviews Check out the Etsy shop DivineEssentialStore to see 5 stars across the board ♡☆

The decks come from Hong Kong where we have them printed per order. They do need to make it through customs and international shipping procedures as such.

Allow 2 weeks minimum to deliver in US.

Outside of the US can be up to 30 days in some places, but most received prior to 21 days.

Desire Bundle - Mega Bundle Deal!

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