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Munay Ki Rites Course

Munay Ki Rites - Sacred Transformation


This series is a life changing transformative process of healing and alignment.


Every week for 9 weeks, you will receive an email with an informative video, which then transitions into the transmission to receive the rite of initiation.


A follow-up to this will come with a guided meditation to deepen and strengthen the rite received.


In 7 days, the next rite will come, allowing you time to process and transform while understanding each of the sacred rites gifted to you before moving into the next sacred energy.


These are shamanic rites and have been gifted to those on this planet for thousands of years.


You will tap into and become steeped in wisdom teachings of the universe.


Step into who you are becoming 10k years from now!


If you would like to add on the Womb Rite, which is considered the 10th rite of munay but 13th rite due to 13 cycles in a year and feminine energy.


Or the sacred Star Rites, which were gifted to my mentor and myself at different points on the journey. You can add all together for savings and major transformation.


There is also a group on Facebook Muany Ki Rite with Bridget with over 800 members now who have either come to the group after receiving rites from me directly

Others came through my vimeo videos, and some after another teacher shared the rites, yet they have been guided to my work for strengthening meditations and information videos.

Read more about the rites here

Munay Ki Rites Course

  • If you decide within 14 days not to continue we will send back any remaining amount deducting any of the costs associated with transmissions of a rite. In 14 days the most you should have received at the time is 2 transmissions valued about $19.99ea

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