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Tarot or Oracle Workbook & Journal! 30 Days To A New You!

This 30 Day Tarot OR Oracle CArd Workbook & Journal will serve you in healing, manifesting, and unlocking your fullest potential!


This Workbook consists of multiple toipics such as inner child, Past Life, Shadow Work, Self Acceptance, Manifesting with Intention, Affirmations, Gratitude, Perspectives, and how to truly get to work on the areas that need it most.


Each day you will be connected to a new concept or task to complete, and on some days that will include Tarot or Oracle Cards.


You do not need to know Tarot to use this Journal and workbook.. I have designed the prompts so that any deck you use can be of service and assistance, as you include intuition, support of spirit, and your self awareness, and wisdom, you will begin to peel layers back and find deepoer truths, new perspectives, and harmonize your suffering or old traumas.


Some spacesin the book call for Journaling and there is prompting to help you to truly answer quewstions and even just ask your self questions that  will expand your mind and have a profound effect.


There are days where you will begin a activity and be challenged to continue on with it Every Day of the workbook!


This Book/Journal has the power to transform you and your life, but youy have to do the work inside. 


Buying and tossing aside, or never printing or looking at it again will do nothing for you!


Print the pages, gho through the prompts and activities!


When done with 30n days challenge self to go again deeper with a new deck and see if you can faacilitate even more transformation!





Tarot or Oracle Workbook & Journal! 30 Days To A New You!

  • This is a file you will download and either use on your phone, P.C. or Print a copy to write on the actual pages of the Journal. Keep in mind due to the nature of the items no Returns are accepted!

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