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Trance Channeling Session

Trance channeling from Pleiadian Emissaries of light is a process where I will enter into a deep state of altered consciousness and act as a conduit for communication with my guides ♡

✨️ Entering the Trance:

I will be entering a meditative state, sometimes aided by music, chanting, or specific rituals.

I may experience physical sensations like tingling, lightness, or altered body temperature. I also often take on a different type of accent and tone

My own conscious awareness will diminish or shift, allowing the Pleiadian consciousness to come through clearly to communicate with you.

✨️ The Pleiadian Connection:

The Pleiadians communicate through my voice, I've actually been asked in trance what happens to my voice as so many who have experienced it change drastically and also comforts many. The Emissaries have said there is an imprint in my voice meant to heal and shift.

Through the session, I will also be receiving messages through visions, intuition, and sometimes automatic writing.

The messages may be direct and specific, or more poetic and symbolic, requiring deeper interpretation. Most people know exactly what they are communicating, however, even if others might not understand exactly what was said.

Common themes include self-love, forgiveness, connection to nature, and conscious evolution.


✨️Ask anything you like to uncover more awareness within and allow the Emissaries to support you!

Or simply state open to receive guidance in any area ♡

I will record and send you a private link only you can view, as many times as you like within 72 hours of booking.

🔮🙌There are 3 different lengths available for your session!

🖐Please include your questions or areas of concern at checkout in the appropriate boxes or type open to receive 🙏

Thank you 😊

Trance Channeling Session

PriceFrom $22.00
  • Receive your private link in 72 hours and watch as many times as you like

  • Due to the nature of the service

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