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Twin Flame Union Spray

Twin Flame Union Spray


This blend of Lavender, Rose, and intention comes together to assist you in relaxing and releasing the resistance so many find themselves in when dealing with a Twin Flame. As well as wrapping you in the vibration of love this is the perfect blend of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to help you on your journey to the union.


I stumbled upon the blend on my own journey one-night making candles for Christmas Gifts. I decided to make my own Flame of Love Candle and spirit guided me to only use Lavender, Rose, and my intentions. The candle was not even hardened yet and my person was reaching out offering to rub my feet!


I was blown away and have since made candles, blends, sprays, and magic for so many other Divine Feminine and Masculines in Separation! So many have reported back to me incredible feedback from their counterparts. One girl fell asleep and woke up to her DM missed calls the next day after lighting her candle! Another DM came over and made note of the candle's aroma. Others have had their DM show up at their doorstep wanting to check-in. So many have had such beautiful experiences and I hope to continue sharing these experiences with others.


Self-love and calmness are essential on this journey, allow me to assist you with your own spray, blend, roll-on, or candle! Please check other listings for candles, and roll-ons as they are sold in separate measurements. ♡


In Munay Namaste Bridget

Advanced Aromatherapist Master Teacher Healer and Channel ♡ 


Find me on YouTube channels Bridget Rau and Divine Essentials

Instagram accounts @divinessential @divine.essentials

Twin Flame Union Spray

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