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Twin Flame Union Work Book

This is a 88 page PDF download for those who are dealing with a Twin Flame connection 

You can use this workbook to help with a friend, family member, Love interest, Soulmate, or really just yourself too and not worry about anyone or anything bothering you or coming from lower vibrations.


 Simply rise so high that anyone who is not falls away!


Twin Flames can be the best, most sublime and seductive passion ignition and also the hardest and coldest connections at times.


Always walking a tightrope of trying to achieve or maintain some balance.

Only problem is your counterpart is usually twisting the rope, bouncing on it, and making the walk extremely stressful and clumsy for you.


Well that is probably never going to completely be triggered or stress free all together they are in fact created with the sole purpose of testing you and pushing you to get better.


The ultimate goal is to no longer feel the triggers they send to you, say to you, or give to you. 


To be present fully in their chaos and to be peaceful and calm amidst the storm that is a Twin.


In this workbook Bridget has channeled and created some exercises for you to do solo or with your person if you so choose, but it is not necessary, as they are you and you are them in one way and in some place, everyone in the human race, the animal kingdom, the plants, rocks, the stars, planets and explosive chemicals, all are part of one infinite source of creation.


So realizing this we realize that the answers we seek lay within the mind of ourselves, if we are one then I can look through their eyes and see the answers to the questions, and telepathy is also another blessing. Although never having total peace of mind wondering if they read your mind can become a little nerve wracking. Simply because of authenticity.


The start of the workbook you will be learning a bit about Twin Flames, the common issues they tend to mirror heavily, and be given some straight advice about things to watch out for and common pitfalls we all slip into along the way, when headed to aTwin Flame Union.


  • There are much better ways to attract love and what you desire!


In the work laid out I have included a synchronicity journal, rather the directions, and a few pages for notes, I do recommend grabbing a notebook or even a couple to dedicate to doing the work and being consistent with no excuses like running out of room or whatever we tell ourselves.


Of course it wouldn't be a spiritual work book if I didn't include affirmations and gratitude somewhere within and so I also wrote up some positive affirmations, and places for you to write and reprogram the subconscious and conscious mind of false beliefs and outdated ideas.


Gratitude is scientifically proven to enhance and improve the mood and lives of those who practice it regularly, and was one of the big pivotal moves made in pursuit of my current situation.


  • The more I give the more I receive.

  • The more positive I am about my circumstance the more positive it becomes and grows.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the air in my lungs, the life to live another day, and all my beautiful blessings which grow and evolve daily


There is work for you to dive into what you really think this is all about, what you really want it to be about and what you hope will be the end results.


Dive right into the karma triggers.


fill in statements with the correct wording that naturally flows out of you in regards to things that are typical of life and our difficulties.


Through doing this we will discover what can be changed and shifted to heal on a deeper level to overcome the stuff that has likely plagued you from past lives, inner child, societal conditioning, and more trauma or karma you have been through in love and life.


When you clean the mirror on your side the changes are beautiful and powerful to both sides!

Dive deep into the 7 main chakras of the body from crown to root.


Explore the actual energy of your 7 chakras with a guided visualization that will help you to not only work with and recognize your own chakras and their influence but to also connect, work with, and understand your counterparts energy too.


Inner child healing is another part of the work within the workbook. Communicate energetically and intuitively with the inner child of self and your twin to uncover anything that may be shrouded and hidden under fears and doubts.


Of course we are going to discuss Past Lives too. This is where we again look at who you are and how you are, this is going to help us to uncover some likely obvious traumas or experiences that have been maybe overlooked or dismissed in this life.


Together we can work to help cleanse and shift the energy that is present surrounding past lives for you and your twin.


Finally we will wrap up the large amounts of tools that you can and should continue to use regularly for best results. you can mix it up of course but the one other large focus is Shadow Work.


This is basically the discarded parts of self. We will work together to integrate, accept and love the aspects of self that have been wounded and told are no good, or wrong, or to be ashamed or hide these parts of who you are.


This can actually be tied into childhood, past life, society, history, family experiences and simply come from all over.


We will work together with Goddess energy too and allow you to bridge and connect as you intuitively feel is best to do as you progress through these sacred and transformative practices you will emerge a Divine Feminine in her power and essence of love and light, Sacred and Divine, and any masculine in a 10 mile radius will be banging the door down to escort and court you properly.


Create with whatever you feel you want, markers, pens, paints, or whatever you might like to use for a dream vision board and an expression of the new and improved self that has healed and brown free of so much. 


  • Join me as we destroy the limitations

  • Align ourselves with true value and worth

  • Have the wisdom to accept when something is not for us

  • Yet allow what is to come in and take the lead in proving so

  • Ignite sexy seductive magnetism

  • Create Abundance and Transformation

  • Heal and Balance on energetic levels

  • Be pursued and provided to with devotion and care

  • Know what it is you even want and who it Can and Can Not come from without giving too much 

  • Set boundaries and Limits

  • Attract the clear mirror you truly deserve to come reflect a healed and aligned self

  • Simply lean back and allow this life to get a lot better as we dive into 88 pages of journaling, deep reflection, some meditation, work sheets

Twin Flame Union Work Book

  • This is a file available for download immediately upon purchase of the download. You may keep in your device or print to fill in the pages as your work book. Many peopl use a second journal to write within

  • The nature of this product is not available or suitable for a return or exchange as you receive a download immediately there is no way to return the item.

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