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Image by Yogesh Pedamkar

Divine Essentials is your source for unlocking the mysteries of the High Priestess.


 Our classes combine ancient wisdom and modern knowledge to create a unique learning experience. 


We offer classes that cover a variety of topics such as

  • Oracle & Tarot

  • Mediumship Training

  • Intuitive Practices

  • Tantric Essence

  • Ignite The Tantalizing 

  • Rituals & Spelling Our Lives

  • Business Tips

  • Marketing Your Magic

  • Create Health

  • Attain Wealth

  • Receive Abundance

  • Embrace Creative Expression

  • Make Meditation Mean Something 

  • Work with Magical Beings

  • Shamanic Teachings

  • Bring in Spirit Animals and Star Beings. 

Our classes are designed to be empowering and to help you reach your highest potential.


 Join us today and discover the secrets of the High Priestess!

Upcoming Events

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