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The Heart Chakra is the center of love, happiness, and compassion…

heart chakra

ASSOCIATED ISSUES: heart Issues, suffocating Love, jealousy, abandonment, anger, bitterness. loneliness fears.

ASSOCIATED BODY PARTS: the heart, blood circulatory system, the cardiac plexus, lungs, and the chest area

The heart chakra is the center of feelings both good and bad allowing sorrow, anger, sadness, and lust which originate from the lower heart chakra center. The higher heart center governs unconditional love, our self-understanding, and our ability to overcome the feelings of our lower heart chakra center.

This chakra is one of positive energy and connecting the lower with a higher heart is an important step in our path of spiritual healing.

Opening the heart chakra entirely enables a channel for universal compassion (our true self), something the Buddhists refer to as Mahakaruna. This allows infinite love to flow through us, allowing the healing of ourselves and others. I’m sure you have heard before that in order to love others you must love and accept yourself, this is the lesson of the heart chakra.

unbalanced heart chakra symptoms

A balanced Heart Chakra will manifest through love and compassion towards all mother earth's creatures, and a great appreciation for them as well. A caring, understanding, outgoing, and kind demeanor in which you find it easy to express your true self around all the people you interact with. Understanding and acceptance of others for who they are without passing judgment or ever being critical of their actions will also come naturally to those with a balanced heart. Finding comfort in spending time alone, and not finding the need to rush from one relationship to another is also a sign of a truly balanced heart chakra. You would rather wait for the right one to come into your life when the time is right for this to happen.

An Unbalanced Over-active Heart Chakra typically can be expressed by allowing emotions to rule your life. Sadness, grief, anger, happiness, greed, will literally consume you, and leave you with little to no control over these feelings. Being critical of others or displaying manipulative tendencies are sure-fire signs of an overactive heart chakra. Being involved in a relationship with someone whom you give and gibe, but receive nothing back from is also commonly tied to an imbalanced heart. This can be as simple as constantly forgiving, and cleaning up after them both emotionally and physically. Finding it hard to leave, and being in a co-dependent relationship definitely affects the heart in a negative way.

An Unbalanced Under-active Heart Chakra leads to negative thinking and will make it hard to achieve a positive outlook in life. Feeling unloved, and unappreciated is typical when your heart chakra is under-active. When focusing on these thoughts the power of attraction will of course manifest these feelings into your life. It is likely that you will find it very difficult to trust others, and will keep yourself distant from them as well.

There are various techniques and therapy tools available for the healing of this chakra...

heart chakra healing techniques

The Heart Chakra / Anahata

Color: Green

Element: Air

  • Color Therapy – Wear green to encourage compassion & the flow of love.

  • Aromatherapy– Heart Chakra supporting scents rose absolute, rose otto, eucalyptus, bergamot, geranium, rosemary, peppermint, tea tree

  • Sound Therapy – Heartwarming sounds & Yam Mantra. Keynote F, Frequency 341.3 HZ, elemental sound wind/Air.

  • Sensory Therapy – Driving with the wind blowing throughout the car, kite flying on a breezy day, and deep breathing practices.

  • Meditation – Focus on compassion and understanding.

  • Crystals & Gemstones – moonstone, tourmaline, rose quartz, aventurine, emerald, green calcite, green tourmaline.

  • Energy Therapy – Services and Energy Healing Sessions like Reiki, Crystal Healing, New Paradigm, or ThetaHealing all greatly improve the health and energy flow within all chakras!

If I forgot to mention any methods you know of please leave a comment, and help spread this info by sharing it with friends!


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