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Abundance and Alignment Activation! Starseed Energy

Hello Souls! This is a monthly offering that is available via my memberships on these release the second week of the month.

There is one for Twins on the Fourth week of the month as well. The other weeks we have live calls, free readings, Feminine support, and business Mentoring. I post readings and posts into the appropriate groups for members as well.

This Activation is to align your energy and thoughts with abundance and prosperity. This will clear the energy body and aura and attract abundance in on deep levels of the subconscious.

Reprogram beliefs and simply attract all you truly deserve while remembering you are divine and infinite!

There is a quick preview to see and the paid full access is $11.11 or head over to and sign up for full benefits starting now at $22.22 price will increase soon.

The Activation is shared to the starseed group on the membership site ♡ or simply check in here twice a month to watch either Activation this way, either way is up to you.

♡ Members do have a bonus Activation coming soon as well ♡


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