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What Is A Twin Flame

Something I've been asked a lot over the years is simply What is a Twin Flame?

I know that not everyone is on the same journey and not everyone will wind up dealing with someone who is their Twin Flame or anything that feels like key signs or characteristics often associated with Twins.

Unfortunately it becomes difficult to label a set or exact example of a Twin Flame situation the more time goes on and the more people water down the sacredness of what I was introduced to Years ago.

Mainstream media has since even announced and spoken about Twin Flames in current news or MTV reality shows. This is in one way exciting that more people are waking up and aware of these connections. However there is also the other side where those who are not dealing with anything Divine begin to warp and shape themselves and their relationship to fit a false illusion and can be very harmful.

In 2011 when I was binging info and awakening I stumbled on my own Twin Flame Signs and key characteristics to identify them Articles and video.

As I read through these I knew immediately who it was and there was no doubt about it. At this time I had already experienced a lot of things that was written, and we were not connected then but knew we would be at some point.

Essentially you will have some pretty basic details that should be there but can vary and no two stories will be exactly the same. Some sources say you are one soul split into two, man & woman, light and dark, good and bad, it's all duality. Yet these people are meant to be so vibrational and powerful to the other. Often instant attraction happens but also one can run immediately out the gate. There is usually a mutual pull a fun short time together, and then a chaser and runner cycle that can span decades. Always brought together again and again. 1111 is a awakening trigger for many Twins and will be one of many things people experience. Others are..

  1. You have a memorable meeting with serendipity or fated meeting

When I met my Twin I was 14 and hanging out with a older friend at a pond the next town over, and this day was out of the norm and even more so was the fact we went to a spot that was different. This was where a rope swing was, and as soon as we got there a car of guys showed up. Most of them were older but one stood out to me Immediately. I felt shy instantly. I remember being drawn and felt he looked like a perfect mix of the 2 heart throbs I had at the time plastered on my wall.

In hindsight I feel that he was looking this way to me because I never had love and I didn't know how to compare it to anything besides my celebrity crushes at the time. I knew I felt he was familiar and I wanted to talk to him but was so shy I looked down and missed out.

However he must have felt something too because he used his friend to get ahold of me and ask If he could call me. I obliged and soon after we were boyfriend and girlfriend and I was extremely in love head over heels, and enjoying every moment and opportunities to see him.

My first kiss was at the mall my mom and aunt waited while he rode his bike there pretty far and up to the correct entrance we chose and I got to see him so quickly, but it was enough for our first kiss, and his first time showing me how much he cared and how hard and far he would go to show me.

2. Magnetic desires

This one is intense and overwhelming and it was there at age 14 and still there now at 37. We are 11 days apart in bdays and we have come back to each other with so much magnetic seductive power it's insane to me.

I can only keep myself in control if I mentally prepare myself for time with him. I have done so from a distance more easily and usually due to nerves more than not wanting to see him, but when he is near me and I smell his skin, touch his soft hair, feel his strong muscles I'm puddy and he can mold me into anything he likes lol.

This is one that seems to be present and important in all the twin connections I've seen or read for. I feel like each time we go near to each other we experience the next level or more insane experiences occur that leave me blushing.

3. Mirroring and Triggers

Every person we connect with will often mirror something familiar to us as we attract based on our frequency and intent. However the Twin is usually going to trigger the deep wounds and fear and abandonment stuff or whatever is there to be brought up and released.

I used to be extremely jealous and couldn't deal with anything. There was a few times he did say thing's that I wanted to say are you for real right now, but I didn't. Instead I would just mark in my list of hurts and take the trigger. Eventually I grew out of the triggers being life shaking and misery inducing. One way that helped me was to say well whatever he is doing he certainly isn't proud of it. Then of course the time he told me seeing someone else and I was under impression we had been doing that, but cut to the next weekend He was asking me how my date went. He had received a text meant for someone else and just assumed shit. Basically being the mirror to me and my jealous stuff. It proved to me that whoever he may be seeing was clearly not on his mind that night. It was all stupid petty shit and hurt thrown around like drama wars.

I used to get Triggers a lot in all types of ways and places he didn't need to be present for them to mess me up. So I stopped doing a lot of things that were more so addictive stupid behaviors that kept a cycle of struggle playing out. Rather than focus on trigger creating actions I decided to work on myself and grow up.

4. Transforming & Evolution

One thing is for sure true in my case is that who I was 5 Years ago, 10 Years ago, 22 years ago is totally different from who I am now. I am no longer ruled by this person's presence on the planet. In the past if they disappeared on me for idk 15 mins I would lose my shit. To be fair they had a habit of doing it and so my abandonment fears were always right there to see them not respond to me and equal he is doing it again. Which I helped to create by projecting it and fearing it and so would do the exact opposite of what I now know to do. Let them go! You don't deserve that behavior and if that what they want to do to you they need to grow and you do too.

5. Spiritual Awakening & Kundalini

Sometimes you may see them for a short time and in the time it could be a boost for one or both, I've experienced healing crisis coming away from them . Just the passion we shared would be overwhelming and freak me out so I'm sure it may have been suppressed heavily by the twin but that is not something you will forget about entirely.

The time it was the most intense for me with a spinal experience he was gone pretty soon after. I had seen him and just knew he was not ready for anything worth being present for at that time so I didn't bother trying to connect again.

6. Walking Away

No tears, no feelings, just numb. I thought it was actually finally broken for good but it wasn't. I did good an entire year no more obsession just focused on me as much as could. It was also the year that Lyme took over and I thought I was dying. So that just made it easier to not be consumed with thoughts of them.. physical pain was agony and literally making noise you can't contain due to the pain is a distraction to the 10th degree . I don't recommend that route as it sucks your soul from your will to live.

He did reach out one time during the year of disconnected and horrible experiences. He asked me about chakras then was gone again in a moment. It may of not been the best easiest connection but things that happened from Day 1 to now there is only so much synchronicity you can deny before the truth kind of sinks in.

7. DM Awakening To Twin Flames

This one Is totally new and surely not expected nor was I even able to fully believe it at first. I was certain he was pretending and would come in then leave again. But immediately his texts were different, he was different and as a result I'm different. More relaxed now and understanding the difference between love and attachment or purely physical to someone.

I still have a ton to do with energy, value, and trust. I am just taking it all one day at a time. Staying away from the things that make me go deep into omg lands. Stop myself from getting swept into weird resentment and frustration. I voice my thoughts when they need to be acknowledged on things that were explained in like tiny clump of I don't really want to share all cause there's an air coming off him like I know I was a jerk and I'd rather not think about it.

Yet that's the only way we will get further ahead is by communicating and understanding, Staying as present as we can forgiving and trusting as much as possible, and running the mission of waking up others. I've been trying to not do too much and give space and just go with the flow on things.

8. Infinite & Telepathy

Remember this is a soul connection no matter what 3d shows just try best your ability to find more value on self and have boundaries. A man who respects and loves you will love himself. The love is infinite and unbound and will stay regardless of him or her staying.

Often twins have random songs pop on into head that may indicate the twin feelings or head space. You can ask for a song too. Just guard the sacred secrets until it can be relaxed again. Teachers teach, healers heal powerful souls be powerful!

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Dec 14, 2021

I think sometimes that my connection is a twin coz the shit he triggers. He has pretty much brought all the fears I ever had to reality. Plus, the awakening. I still try to distance and I'm trying to manifest a new person coz I want to just have a nice normal soulmate who will treat me right. I think what helped me and what can help people is not let whether they are a twin or not a deciding factor for if you will tolerate a particular behaviour. I thought he was my twin and made myself sicker and sicker- health wise and emotionally until I could no longer. For a while year, I was dead, like a vampire…

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