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Manifestation Current: How To Use Your Chakras To Create A Brand New Life?

manifestation current, manifest with chakras

Are you tired of trying to "manifest a new life"? Don't give up yet- not at least you try working with the manifestation current actively.

Honestly, the manifestation current is an energetic journey- from receiving divine inspiration (an idea or a strategy) to working hard and making it a reality!

It is the flow of energy from our crown chakra (place of divine inspiration and ideas) to the root chakra (manifested reality).

Maybe you have already tried every "how-to" technique out there and the results were disappointing. Don't worry. I've been there too! And, I know exactly how to help you. Maybe this technique will finally work for you. Even if it doesn't, you'll learn something new.

Okay, let's get started, shall we?

What Is A Manifestation Current? How Can It Make The Manifestation Process Easy For You?

As I already mentioned, the manifestation current is the direction in which consciousness flows from the moment when we receive an idea from the Universe and it sparks our interest to the completion of the journey with our "manifestation" becoming a "manifested" reality.

I will break down this process into small steps. But, first, it is important to have foundational knowledge about the chakras. Don't worry! I won't bore you with the specifics of each chakra. Let's just stick to what you need to know to begin working with the manifestation current.

Chakra Overview: Upper vs Lower Chakras

Upper vs Lower Chakras

As you already know, we have 7 major energy centres called chakras starting from the base of our spine to the top of our head. These energy vortices carry life force energy called Chi, Ki, or Prana. Each chakra is associated with specific body parts, emotions, and behavioral patterns.

For now, let's stick to the key differences between our upper(crown, third eye, throat) and lower(solar plexus, sacral, and root) chakras. Our heart center is called the bridge chakra that governs the flow of consciousness from the top 3 chakras to the bottom ones.

The upper chakras rule the non-physical aspects of our life. These manage our mind, self-expression, and our connection with the Spiritual realms.

  • Our Crown Chakra is what connects us to divine wisdom and knowledge. The crown chakra needs to be balanced before we can begin to understand and work with wisdom and mystery teachings.

  • The Third Eye Chakra connects to our inner wisdom, intuition, and the ability to foresee and imagine. If your third eye chakra is blocked, you will most likely have a cluttered and confused mind. You may struggle to see the bigger picture. It becomes difficult for you to cope with day-to-day stressors.

  • The Throat Chakra regulates our self-expression and the way we communicate our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. How often do you voice your opinions? Do you just assume that you will not be heard? Or, Do you tend to blurt out everything that is on your mind? Your answer to these questions should tell you if your throat chakra is blocked or wide open.

All of these chakras work on a very subtle level. None of these chakras work robustly yet balancing them opens powerful portals of healing light that we can enter and blissfully live a brand new life.

Our heart chakra is the bridge between the upper chakras of spirituality and the lower ones of "physicality".

  • The solar plexus is the third of our seven chakras starting from the root. It manages our sense of confidence and personal power. When our solar plexus is healthy, it fires up the right actions based on our goals. A blocked solar plexus leads to procrastination, a sense of defeat, or manipulating others based on personal agendas.

  • Our Sacral chakra (the second chakra) is the place of creation. Blocks in this chakra hamper our creativity and desires. We get used to the mundane and lose the need to want something more out of life. Our sacral(womb space) is also where we store traumas, lessons from our past lives, and ancestral karma. It is the place of intuition and empathy.

  • The root chakra governs how we survive in the world. It rules our basic instincts, mental programs, and limiting beliefs. If you're not happy about where you are in life or anxious about if things will ever change, there are probably some blocks and cords in your root chakra.

Let's now get to the main part of the post!

How does the energy flow from crown to root in a manifestation current?

What is a Manifestation Current

What we think are our ideas are the impulses from the universe that our minds perceive. Visualize the Universe as a giant brain and your mind as one of its neurons. Many people receive the same impulse from the universe which they see as their own ideas and innovations. Our crown chakra is the one that first interacts with the universe and implants the idea it receives in our consciousness.

For example, for me to have written this blog post, something or some information must have inspired me, right? I could have written this post about any topic- perhaps Spirit Guides, Tarot Card Meanings, anything- the world was my oyster. What about the manifestation current appealed to my mind? Why did I need to write about this? Of course, I am not the only one aware of this topic. I did my due research before coming here.

But, what was the purpose of my being inspired by the concept of manifestation current? Does someone need to read this post? Or, did I need to make this anyway? The truth is we will never know.

It's not just about a simple blog post.

Many people across the globe follow different belief systems and everyone seems to be sure that theirs is the right one. Everyone connects to the divine from their level of perception. Why isn't there one set-in-stone way for that, the truth is WE WILL NEVER KNOW! Everyone who thinks they know the answer has a different explanation based on their perception. It's one of the mysteries of the Universe that we will never unravel.

  • Anyway, the point is that our Crown Chakra responds to the impulses from the Universe and downloads them into your consciousness as ideas and inspirations.

  • The energy descends from the crown to the third eye when we sit on the idea, think about the possible outcomes, and whether or not we can bring it to fruition. In this stage, we analyze the impulse rationally. We begin to imagine and prepare for the possible setbacks that we may encounter.

  • As the energy reaches our throat chakra, We share our ideas with others and seek their opinions. Note that we haven't yet taken any action. We are still utilizing our mental energy.

I know what's on your mind right now. What about the bad ideas? Why would they be considered "Divine Inspiration"?

Honestly, the Universe is not full of just love and light. We all have our past life karmas that show up sometimes. We often confront the mistakes we made in our past lives and are triggered to the point of making a choice- either we repeat them or learn to choose differently

Also, if we were just meant to follow the Universe, we wouldn't have our brains, would we? We all have free will. In addition, there are multiple ways to approach an idea.

Sometimes, the Universe tests our discernment. Use your intuition to make the best out of the manifestation current.

Okay, let's move on to the next step.

The energy now enters your heart chakra. You have an important choice to make at this juncture. Does this idea align with your heart and soul? Would you pursue it? Who can help you with this vision? How can you ask for their help? When should you reach out to them?

At this stage, you might want to pull all your resources, contact your connections, and set your mind to fulfilling this vision. If you have chosen to bring this idea to reality, nothing can stop you!

The current now descends to your Solar Plexus Chakra, it is time to take concrete steps! This chakra fires up inspired action to make your vision a reality.

Of course, when you set out on a journey, you come across various obstacles. That's when your sacral chakra enters the picture. You find creative solutions to move around these hurdles.

With your hard work and persistence, this current now descends to your root chakra. Now, things get real. Like, seriously. Your vision is now a reality. But, it's not over yet. Let me explain.

At this point, you live the life you have always wanted. You have manifested the job you wanted or signed the paperwork for the business you were inspired to start.

You are not done, are you? You are gonna go to your job, work hard and maintain your performance. Or, you will launch your business, start a website and market your products. If you take your vision for granted at this point, what would be the point of going through the entire manifestation current in the first place?

If your root chakra is balanced, there's no need to worry! If not, it might be time to pay attention. People with blocked root chakra struggle to see a project through. They are always in the search of the next shiny object, the next big thing, the next idea, and never try to complete what they have already started. They may not be proud of it but that's what usually happens.

How can you use/actively work with the Manifestation Current?

Chakras, Manifestation Current

If you have a particular idea in mind you're already working with the manifestation current on an unconscious level. Try to visualize the energy flowing through each of the chakras smoothly. This in itself can help you clear the blocks in your chakras.

If you are feeling uninspired, meditate and imagine an impulse coming from the Divine to your heart, opening you up to new possibilities as a stream full of creative ideas enters your crown and descends downwards to your root chakra. Imagine yourself being guided by the stream and walking a path that leads to the fulfillment of your newfound vision.

What if you make a mistake? Or, you're stuck in a bad living situation and need to get out of it before you can work on manifesting something new. Is there such a thing as the reversed manifestation current?

You're in luck! Keep on reading.

Liberation Current: The Reversed Manifestation Current

Liberation Current is the flow of energy from your root chakra to the crown. It is usually involved with Spiritual Awakening and can also be worked with when you're trying to quit a bad habit or need to "un-create" something.

In a Spiritual Awakening, the flow of energy is unconscious but the stages are usually the same as when you're working with it actively.

Start by visualizing sending new roots from your root chakra to Mother Earth. This will ground you and prepare you for the changes you will soon experience. This is also why a spiritual awakening starts with us feeling "unrooted". Our life feels like a mess and everything seems to be falling apart. When you send roots to Gaia, you feel her support and the changes get a little bit easier for you to withstand.

As the liberation current moves up to your sacral chakra, the energy gets a bit "flowy" and unstable. Your current reality starts to shift. Whatever you manifested up to this point(that you wish to change) begins losing its form. Your Sacral energy center is also the place of your intuition so you start receiving synchronicities and guidance around what you need to do to change your reality.

The current now ascends to your third chakra(solar plexus) and you start making changes in your life. This is when you start your affirmations, and gratitude list, and begin figuring out who you can ask for help.

As the energy moves up to your heart, you begin forming new connections or you contact your friends and ask them to help you. You sign up for coaching sessions, counseling, or simply ask an expert for help.

You will begin building new truths, and new belief systems when the energy rises to your throat.

Then. you will realize and align with what you truly deserve. You will get in touch with your higher self as the energy moves on ever further to your third eye. You realize the purpose of the pain you experienced and begin making peace with it.

Finally, you connect with the creator consciousness as the liberation current ascends to your Crown Chakra. You free yourself from all limitations and work with the manifestation current to create a brand new life- the one you truly deserve!



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