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Soul Retrieval 101: Is Your Soul Lost? How You Can Retrieve A Lost Soul Easily?

soul retrieval

As we all know, the Earthly existence is not for the uncautious souls. If you are here, you either are a strong soul or life hits you over and over until you develop the strength and the feet of a lion- the courage to roar your truth in the wildest of jungles. Sometimes, however, life hits you hard and you lose a piece of yourself. Sound familiar? This is exactly what a soul loss is!

In this blog post, I will teach you about what a lost soul is, share 5 signs for you to figure out if you have experienced a soul loss and equip you with everything you need to know to retrieve your soul fragments easily and effortlessly. Remember, progress is a journey so it may take a while before you put all the pieces together and retrieve your lost soul.


Have you ever caught yourself saying "a little part of me died that day"? That is essentially what a soul loss is. However, we may not always be aware of it.

Every time you undergo a trauma, you lose a piece of yourself.

Since we are multidimensional beings and have lived many before we came into the current one, we may not always know that we have lost a fragment of our soul and that's when things get dicey.

A soul fragment is what you lose as a result of soul loss. Soul fragmentation is an energetic dissociation from the highest, most aligned version of yourself.

trauma, abuse, soul loss, soul fragments

Some experts believe that our souls are infinite, and it is not the soul itself that we lose but our mind's ability to tap into it and connect with its guidance. Whichever philosophy you work with, please make sure that you utilize it for your highest good. It's your intention to reunite with the lost pieces of yourself that matters the most!

Now, let's go to the main part of this post: what is soul retrieval and how can it help you?


As many of us already know, there are infinite timelines existing in various versions of reality that shape our present moment. Soul retrieval is a type of Shamanic Journey in which a shaman travels to an alternate reality- at the precise moment of a soul loss and negotiates with the soul fragment to bring it back to oneness with its source.

In simple words, a shaman will guide your psyche to go back to the moment when you lost your soul fragment. You will see, feel, or know what went wrong for you to dissociate from your soul. It is important to remember that you are not going back to re-live the trauma. You will observe the traumatic events that contributed to your soul loss from a higher perspective. You will realize why it had to happen in the grand scheme of life. You will be encouraged to forgive the offender so your soul fragment no longer has unfinished business in that particular version of your reality. It returns to you making you feel whole, restoring your peace, balancing and realigning your energies so they work in harmony for your highest best.

It is important to know that complete restoration takes a while, But, your energy will gradually and gently return to you.

After you have processed a soul retrieval, your energy levels will rise, you will feel more serene, more secure, more aligned with your destiny, your purpose. Allow it to happen. Be open to life changes that happen naturally to see the best results!


I don't think you should need to confirm a soul loss. All of us have been through one or more traumatic or difficult phases in life. If you resonate with this statement, you will benefit from a retrieval.

Your soul knows exactly what it needs to retrieve and where it needs to go. You just need to trust it and allow it to lead you.

But in case you are not sure or need some confirmation, if you resonate with any of these signs, you will undoubtedly benefit from a soul retrieval session.

sadness, lost soul

1) Sadness, Low Energy Levels, Possible Depression & Mental Health issues

If you are experiencing negative emotions on any level, whether you do or do not know where they stem from, it is a sign of soul loss. Depression, in particular, can signal the fragmentation of your soul. Consider a soul retrieval session along with medical treatment and assistance.

2) Trauma & Abuse

If you were part of a traumatic situation or have experienced abuse on any level, it is highly likely that you have had a soul loss that now hinders your day-to-day life.

Trauma doesn't have to be one big event that turns your life upside down. If you have experienced neglect on any level, and tend to engage in self-neglect as a result of it, it is a sure sign of soul loss.

3) Difficulty in managing day-to-day stress

If you feel shattered, misaligned or broken, and little things trigger you and hurt you more than they should, it is a sign of a fragmented soul.

4) Dissociation & Distorted beliefs

If you tend to dissociate from reality and feel disconnected from your thoughts, feelings and emotions, I can tell one hundred per cent that you can definitely use a soul retrieval session.

In general, if you know that something is off yet struggling to pinpoint it. That's a sign of a possible soul loss.

5) Self Isolation & Withdrawal

If you tend to avoid social situations to the point that it has become detrimental to your well-being, there is probably a reason for it. And, you might need to figure it out, if you know what I mean.

Okay, I'm sure I've made some solid points on if and why you need a soul retrieval session.

Now, let's focus on how you can retrieve and reunite with your soul fragments.


I think it's pretty self-explanatory that meditation and visualization are key elements of any healing process.

You can seek help from a shamanic practitioner to help you journey and bring your lost soul back.

Free Soul Retrieval

Try out the Newest Activation by Bridget channeled here! Sacred Soul Retrieval Activation for Divine Union.

If you want to give it a try yourself, here are a few visualizations you can use and experiment with:

  • Journey back to the womb

When we are new to the world, it's easier to remember and go back to our previous lifetimes. You can also visualize womb space as a portal to your previous lifetimes.

If you are trying to retrieve the fragments you lost in your current life, simply go back to when you last felt hurt, ask Spirit for guidance, to help you see from a new perspective so you can finally rewrite your experiences and heal yourself.

  • Journey with Munay Ki archetypes

Let me catch you up quickly though, Munay Ki is a series of Shamanic rites of initiation which helps you step into your purpose, live in harmony with Nature and assume the stewardship of all creation. There are 9 rites divided into 3 categories- Foundation Rites, Lineage Rites and Rites to come. The Harmony Rite, the third of the four foundation rites, connects you to archetypes that balance and combust the psychic sludge from your chakras.

There are a total of 7 archetypes- the Serpent. the Jaguar, the Hummingbird, the Eagle, Huascar, Quetzalcoatl and Pachakuti. I hope you're with me and I haven't confused you too much. Again, when you know what Munay Ki is, you will understand it a lot better.

Munay Ki Archetypes, Eagle, Jaguar, Hummingbird, Serpent, Shamanic Journey, Soul Retrieval, Spirit Helpers

The Serpent, as a totem animal, can be called upon to help you shed the physical limitations of your body and journey outwards. Just as the serpent sheds its skin, it can also help you overcome negativity and old, unhealed self and transform to a new, balanced and aligned version of yourself.

The Jaguar goes beyond the Rainbow Bridge to the World of Mystery (alternate reality). It can also assist you to swipe away energetic debris that is harming you. The Hummingbird gives you the strength to complete seemingly impossible journeys. And, the eagle rises above the mundane and flies wing to wing with the Great Spirit, Creator.

How is it related to soul retrieval?

You can ask any or all of these archetypes to journey with you during your retrieval. Fly with the Eagle to reach wherever you need to be in the time-space continuum. Ask the Eagle to take you to wherever your lost soul lies. If you feel incapable to journey yourself, ask the Hummingbird for strength and accomplish what feels impossible at the moment. Alternatively, you can ask Jaguar to lead you beyond the veil to wherever you need to be to retrieve your lost fragments.

Meditate beforehand to have your senses heightened so you can easily see, feel, know and basically receive guidance that you need in whatever way or form it comes to you.

If you feel like you are reliving a traumatic experience during your retrieval, ask the Jaguar to swipe away your pain. Ask what you need to do to heal.

Ask the Eagle to see from the eyes of the creator itself so you can realize the purpose of all your traumatic experiences. Rewrite your story and come back easily. Don't force it.

When you return to the present moment, ask the Serpent to shed the negative beliefs and patterns that you developed when you experienced the fragmentation of your soul. You are fully restored now, ready to face the world, ready to live your life with more strength, more energy feeling revitalized, realigned, rejuvenated.

Affirm that from now onwards, you are whole because you are. Let it be your new truth. You have now retrieved your soul.

  • Rewrite your story

If you are familiar with automatic writing, channel and write when and how you lost your soul fragment. Once you are done, do an intentional writing exercise and write a new version of your reality- in which the trauma never happened. Rewrite the new version of reality from the point of time that was brought up in your automatic writing session to the present moment and your near future. Write the best possible past, the best possible present and the best possible future outcome and read it every day until it becomes your new reality.

If you are more into tarot than channelled writing, use the tarot spread shared below for this exercise.

Tarot Spread for Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Okay, that is it! Hope you are better informed about soul loss, soul fragments, and soul retrieval now. If you have any doubts or your retrieval stories, feel free to share in the comment section just below this post!

This is a Sacred Journey for Soul Retrieval and was trance channeled by Bridget. This special Activation can be particularly helpful for Divine Counterparts and begins with a merging of the energetic bodies of Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Then rising Through the vortex up to the top to emerge into a world or landscape in which the soul present was once living in. Taking inventory as we enter this place we take notice of the sex, age, energy, and destination. When ready the soul present will view but not reliving the pain observes the trauma and experience that took the fragments of soul. Then will rewrite that experience and retrieval of the soul parts will take place and restore the soul on the levels it was lost.

This is powerful and Transformational work!


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