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The Easiest Way to Connect With Your Spirit Guides And Star Family!

Knock Knock!

"Who's here?"

Your Spirit Guide from the Pleiades! Let me in!!


No! Just fooling around, Bye!

"What? Wait……."

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Do you know that you don't need to be a professional psychic to connect with your Star Family and Spirit Guides? You do that all the time! You just don't always realize it. How is it possible?

Well, your spirit guides are always around you, whether you can see them or not. I will explain why you may feel otherwise in detail in this post. Plus, we'll talk about how exactly you can connect with your spirit guides and your star family in a way that makes you feel empowered right away.

You may not see them on your first attempt but if you believe in yourself and are a little patient, you'll begin to sense the subtle signs they send your way every single day.

So, let's first talk about why you haven’t been able to connect with your guides and star beings, shall we?

Your spirit guides and star family are always around you. Angels never leave your side. Neither do star beings. They are always with you. Unfortunately, since we live in a dense matter-oriented world, we fail to recognize the subtle signs and synchronicities our guides use to communicate with us.

Why are they so cryptic?

synchronicity, 1111, spirit guides, starseeds, spiritual awakening

Because of our own limiting beliefs and programs!

Be honest with yourself, if Archangel Michael shows up in front of you with a 16 feet tall light body and a huge sword in his hands, how will you react? Will you greet him with love or freak out and freeze?

I'm not saying Archangel Michael is 16 feet tall but I hope you get my point.

Your fear blocks you from connecting with your spirit guides and star family. Often, it's not intentional. But, it still exists and it exists for a reason- you're not ready yet! And, that’s okay! It doesn’t mean you will never be or you’ll never make contact with star beings or your angelic guides. It’s just gonna take a while and some practice on your part!

Start with spending 5 minutes in meditation every day. Or just talk to them before you go to bed. Write to them or pray regularly. Choose any way that works for you! Remember, there is a learning curve with everything.

Soon, you’ll start recognizing synchronicities they send your way.

How do your guides communicate with you?

Your Spirit Guides and Star Family communicate using subtle signs like feathers, pennies, keys, or number synchronicities (11:11, 222, 555). While separate number sequences carry separate messages which you learn about in detail in this video, sometimes, these synchronicities are just your spirit guides saying “I’m here” and reassuring you of their presence.

spirit guides, message from your spirit guides

Your guides may also use specific number sequences and signs to send you guidance on how you can proceed forward in life and how you can connect with them on a deeper level.

Assisting you is a part of your spirit guide’s karma. Not in a bad way! But, as you ascend, you enter the higher octave of karma which involves being in service and assisting others to reach the same level as you. Through helping you, your spirit guides explore their own ascension and attain even higher levels of consciousness!

So, your spirit guides have been with you lifetime after lifetime, whether you actively communicated with them or not. They are still here with you, assisting you with as much compassion, love and strength as you need!

Being in service, they have an infinite reservoir of source energy that you can tap into at any point for your soul growth and ascension. They are with you, and they always will be!

Why should connect with your Spirit Guides? Who are your spirit guides?

who are your spirit guides, star family, star races

Every being you connect to, be it an Archangel, a star being, or an Emissary of light shares a resonance with your soul.

What does that mean?

They were once exactly where you are and they will help you manifest a better life, a better living situation, a better bank balance, whatever you need with grace and light. They will fill you with hope, encourage you to do your part, and guide you every step of the way. This is why they are here and this is why they play such a crucial role in your soul growth!

Throughout your healing journey, you will connect with different spirit guides and star races as per your soul needs.

Every star race and spirit guide carries a unique frequency and has a different soul essence. Only when your frequency is in alignment with theirs will you be able to make contact with them.

In simple words, you are not going to need help with the same thing for the rest of your life, right? When you need help with money, spirit guides that assist with manifestation and abundance will work with you. And, when you’re more so focused on love, perhaps Archangel Chamuel or guides that help with attracting a partner will be there for you.

You may have one main guide that stays for you throughout your life, but other guides or masters of light will also show up to work with you simultaneously when your soul needs their presence.

This is especially relevant to people who resonate with being a starseed. Your star family from your home planet is the one that you will resonate the most with but other star races will show up at different points in time based on the soul work you signed up to do with them.

For example, Lyrans are ancient wisdom keepers and powerful manifestors. They also help with being confident of yourself and fulfilling your soul mission. When you are just awakening to your gifts or are working to attract abundance in your life, they will show up for you in meditations or dream time.

You can ever consciously try to ask for their help in your meditations and they will help you! They have a powerful presence, so even if you don’t see them, you will feel a difference energetically soon enough!

Pleiadians on the other hand are more subtle. Their heart chakra is usually the strongest one. They have mastery in unconditional love for self and others. When you need some heart healing or are dealing with a bad break-up, you can meditate and call on them!

How to actually connect with star beings and spirit guides?

how to connect with your spirit guides, expand consciousness

STEP 1: Asking for Protection

Protecting yourself psychically is important so you can establish clear channels and receive unfiltered guidance. When you are an absolute beginner, it is even more important to educate yourself on protection techniques before you get involved in any psychic work.

Call on Archangel Michael to guard your energy. Trust that he’s with you.

You can also visualize an energetic bubble or vortex around you.

In Alcyone Light Healing, we work with Diamond Light Vortex to keep us safe.

Also, ask Archangel Michael to cut your cords so you’re not hindered by limiting beliefs and negative experiences. This way, your aura will open up towards your spirit guides and you can connect with them easily.

STEP 2: Build a Connection

Next, call on your guides. You can ask for your star family or specific guides to show up for you. Or, you can set the intention to connect with any guide who is willing to help you. Just, make sure you’re protected first and you ask for light beings.

Just say, “I am open to connect with my spirit guides and masters of light who are here to help me and will serve my highest best”

Don’t overthink or worry too much about the dark though. You can only connect with what resonates with your soul.

You will only interact with as much dark as there is within you. Similarly, you can only receive as much light as there is inside of you. This is another reason why it takes time to build a connection with spirit guides and star families.

When we meditate regularly, we purify our emotional and energetic bodies. We begin to transcend our ego minds. As a result, our connection with our spirit guides strengthens naturally!

STEP 3: Integrate the lessons and the messages from your spirit guides

When you connect with a specific guide, the messages and the guidance you receive from them carry light codes. It becomes your responsibility to integrate it into your life.

Don’t forget to take action steps based on the guidance you receive.

Your spirit guides and star family know how to change your life. The question is, will you let them? Will you work and meditate to build a connection? Every relationship grows over time, so will your connection with your spirit guides and star family.

Follow the synchronicities and you’ll find yourself standing right in front of them with a bold smile on your face. Trust me, they will welcome you with both their arms open, always willing to walk with you and assist you on every step of your healing journey, in this lifetime and beyond.

If you need extra support, Bridget channeled a paid activation to assist you in connecting with your guides as a part of the Alcyone Light Healing series.

Hope this article assisted you and guided you on how you can connect with your spirit guides and star family easily. Your Spirit Guides are always with you, both ready and willing to help you and send you light codes that are potent enough to change your whole life.

Trust and you will be guided, doubt and you will defeat your own self!

Be open to receiving and start with one short meditation. Be consistent in your efforts and your guides will be more than happy to help!



Monika K. is a freelance spiritual writer. She blends well-research content with her unique insights to create engaging blog posts and articles that help spiritual businesses expand their reach and connect with their audience via informative and supportive content.

If you're looking to build your authority via blog posts that your audience will love, contact her here with your content requirements!


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