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What Are The Munay Ki Rites? Transform Your Life with Munay-Ki Rites

Have you wondered about the Munay ki Rites?

Or asked yourself what are the Munay Ki Rites, when Bridget mentions them in a collective reading, or in passing.

Have you wondered what "In Munay Namaste" was all about?

Have you ever wanted to transform your life and leave a lasting impression on the world?

Our world is currently undergoing drastic shifts and is dwelt upon by forces of darkness and needs hundreds of thousands of light-bearers to hold space for the energetic healing of the collective and the planet at large.

We need to create a new world of light and this responsibility has fallen on the shoulders of lightworkers and starseeds.

Munay-ki rites offer the opportunity of assuming the stewardship of all creation and manifesting a new world- full of love, purity and empathy!

Don't worry, you are not alone either!

As you receive these energetic transmissions, you will connect with lineages of Earthkeepers, Daykeepers, and Wisdomkeepers of the past and the future- their stories, wisdom and experiences will become your own. They will also add to your vision and intention.

Munay is a Quecha word that means "I love you" and Ki is the Japanese word for energy.

Ancient Americans prophesied a new human form- Homo Luminous -who will have power and the wisdom to use that power for light.

Munay-Ki is a series of 9 shamanic initiations, downloads of codes for the evolution of our Luminous Energy Field and the DNA, so we can take a massive leap and complete lifetimes of evolution in one!

Bridget Rau experienced a massive improvement in her health after she received these rites. She hasn't experienced migraines, back aches or flu since she was gifted these rites.

The rites were initially passed down to our ancestors by angelic beings and are now transmitted from teachers to students/initiates in person or online.

Munay- ki is the key for self-transformation and the transformation of our world at large. These initiations plant the seeds of who we will become 10,000 years from now.

Alberto Villoldo, founder of Munay-ki rites, studied shamanic healing practices for 25+ years, and distilled the energetic transmissions he received from the Shamans of Andes and Amazon into this modality.

These initiations are present in all shamanic traditions but are expressed differently! Alberto received these rites from the Q'ero nation- descendants of Inca- the ingenious people of the mountains of Andes.

What are the 9 rites of Munay Ki?

The first four rites are the foundation rites. These will plant the seeds in your energetic field for you to reveal and realize your highest potential by regular meditations.

  • Healer's rite: This energetic transmission connects us to a lineage of Earthkeepers who will assist us in our healing and the healing of our ancestral traumas. They will also help us hold space for others in our healing sessions. For beginners, as they heal their traumas, they will discover their ability to heal others and step onto their life purpose. This rite will activate the healing power within your hands if not already activated.

  • Bands of Power: In this rite, the mentor instills 5 bands corresponding with the five elements- earth, water, fire, air and spirit in our energetic space! It will take at least 2-3 weeks for you to strengthen these bands. Once fully activated, they will protect you from all negativity. Whenever or wherever you feel unsafe, you can expand these bands outwards with intention and they will protect you and enable you to feel safe in the worst of the situations. They will transmute all negativity that is thrown at you or that you pick up involuntarily.

  • Harmony rite: In this rite, the mentor plants the seeds for 7 archetypes- the 7 principles of life, in the initiate's chakras. It then becomes the initiate's responsibility to spend at least 2 weeks in meditation with each of the archetypes. Once you've built strong relationships with these archetypes, you can call them to assist you in a variety of circumstances depending on what they can help with and who you're guided to seek the assistance of.

The first archetype is the great serpent, whose entire body is in contact with Mother Earth. She can assist with your basic instincts. She will help you shed your skin like her- let go of your past or the parts of yourself that you've outgrown naturally, without resistance.

The second archetype is the Jaguar, symbolic of life and death, who will help you heal violent tendencies, fear and the grief associated with the death of a loved one. Bridget called upon the Jaguar to overcome the grief of her mother's passing away. The Jaguar will assist you in clearing away the toxic sludge from your energy field and access the world across the rainbow bridge- the world of spirits and mystery.

Next, you'll connect to the Hummingbird- the bird which doesn't seem to be made for flying, yet she completes the seemingly impossible journey and drinks the sweet nectar of life!

Your heart chakra, after receiving these archetypes in your first three chakras, will have the seeds of the Eagle archetype- who'll help you see from a higher perspective and provide clarity of vision. The eagle, unlike any other bird, does not hide away and rises above the thunderstorm during a storm- making her a perfect archetype for the heart space. She'll make you braver, more daring and more capable of handling any hardship that life throws at you. She'll also help you drop into your headspace and see the world with the perspective of unconditional love.

Jauguar, Eagle, Hummingbird, Serpent
Munay ki Archetypes

The archetypes for your top three chakras may be unique to you. While your throat chakra will connect to a keeper of the underworld (subconscious), your third eye and crown will be guided to keepers of waking(conscious) and upper(superconscious) worlds respectively.

Traditional archetypes are Huascar (lord of life and death), who'll bring serenity in your unconscious mind, for your throat chakra;

Quetzelcoate (lord of morning, day bringer, the morning star) - for 6th chakra, who is the organizer of the middle world and will accompany you in completion of your day-to-day life;

Pachakuti (gatekeeper of the upper world)- for your 7th chakra who will bring divine order and help you understand the circular nature of time).

Each archetype needs extensive meditation to connect with and understand fully! You build a relationship with these Archetypes, and will continue to understand and grow over time, both in your private solo sessions, and in practice or engaged in healing sessions for others.

  • The Seer's rite: This is the last of the foundation rites and it will awaken your ability to see the unseen with your third eye. You may start seeing the energy fields of people around you. As with every rite, the seers rite activates your potential to access the invisible world- strengthening it takes meditation and practice on your part.

Bridget takes you on a guided journey for every Rite and you will own this or rent it for 30 days to assist in strengthening your seeds of potential.

There is also additional meditations available in the playlist on YouTube.

The next three rites are called "Lineage rites"- they will connect you to a lineage of Earthkeepers, Daykeppers and Wisdomkeepers to awaken and assist you in your healing.

Earthkeeper, Archangel

  • Day Keeper rite: Daykeeper rite helps to connect with the lineage of Laikas- medicine men and women of the past. Day keepers help in balancing our feminine side. They work with births and deaths. Day keepers were the healers, the herbalists of our past. They connect with ancient stone structures like Stonehenge and will teach you to honor the ways of the feminine Earth.

  • Wisdom keepers rite: This rite is about connecting to ancient medicine men and women who carry the wisdom of mountains and assist with balancing inner masculinity. Mountains are places of spiritual seclusion and growth. The Laika belong to the mountains of Andes. Buddhist monks and Hindu mystics have utilized the solitude of mountains for attaining nirvana or moksha or spiritual enlightenment. Wisdomkeepers of the past have defeated death and succeeded to step outside time. They protect the medicine teachings of the past and share them when the time is appropriate to do so.

  • Earth keepers rite: The Earthkeepers rite enables you to build a connection with a lineage of Earthkeepers, the guardians of our galaxy, who will take you under their wings, protect you, and assist you in becoming an Earthkeeper yourself. This rite puts you in alignment with your path and helps you dream a new, more divine, more aligned reality into being.

The last two rites are the"Rites to come" . They will help you develop a luminous energy field of an angel in this very lifetime! These rites help us take a quantum leap in our evolution and transform to Homo Luminous by bridging the gap between the present and the future.

  • Star keepers rite: The Starkeeper's rite provides the final coding for emerging of the Homo Luminous. This transmission to your energetic field will make you resistant to the aging process and all diseases. This rite will act as a portal to your future and you'll be able to manifest your future, healed, aligned self into the present moment.

  • Creator's rite: This rite will awaken the God-light within you and help you understand the oneness in all things. Spirit will start acting not only through you, but as you! You'll realize that it was already within your heart space in a dormant state.

Once a mentor has transmitted these rites to a protege, these energetic transmissions clear the energetic debris, the psychic sludge our chakras accumulate when we go through traumatic experiences. We develop what the Incas call a "rainbow body" with all our chakras glowing and working at their fullest potential.

Munay-ki will help you step onto and fulfill your life mission, connect with your guides and realize your truest potential. It will help you have an angelic presence and aura during your current human incarnation and lifetimes to come!

You will find a manual on the Munay-ki rites page here, and a link to join the group on Facebook.


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