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Tantric Twin Quartz Crystals

Tantric Twin Quartz Crystals are so powerful and beautiful.

I've had so many people reach out to me to get one, or to sneak one for them without anyone else knowing about it ha ha. I always say the same thing, I am sorry I can't, because then I would have to do it for every one. I typically post them and see them go in a short time, usually it takes longer to write the description than to actually have someone purchase the Crystal.

They are aids in manifesting a Twin Flame connection. This is obviously something many on the journey desire and thus they have been difficult to keep or even find.

They can also assist us in connection to a Divine partnership, as in one with a mentor and a protege. Basically you can be either one of these two, but it would depend on where you are at energetically.

Either way when receiving a Tantric Twin it is best to be clear with intentions of what it is you want to receive. If you are looking for the romantic counterpart be sure to let the Crystal know. However make sure you are open to receive them, sometimes we think we know who that is, and block the true person from appearing by clinging to the wrong ideas and beliefs.

If you are ready to learn and grow and want a new mentor to teach you then you will want to tell the Crystal this. Then keep your eyes open and aware of those who show up to mentor you. Sometimes it can come from an unlikely candidate that we learn the most from.

If you are a teacher or mentor and looking to share sacred teaching and wisdom with the right souls, again let the Crystal know. Then be aware of those who appear on the path in need of divine insight and council.

The Tantric Twin Crystals are characterized by being two Crystals in one. There is one body and two terminations or two heads.

There is actually two forms of these as well.

There is the traditional kind where the two body's are merged together as one large Crystal, usually you can see some spots where 2 became one.

Then there are Japan Law Twins and those are 2 bodies that join at the base and go off in 2 directions. Kind of like a V or an L shape. They are usually in a almost 90° angle and these are also great for clearing auras. They can assist you to see clearly and bring alignment with your true purpose.

I actually got pretty lucky and gathered a bunch of twins, but then I got pretty sick and so many have sat awaiting the day that they can go to their new keeper. I have a drawer full of smokey and clear quartz twins of all different frequency and vibrational energy. Each one is unique and will serve in its own way. I plan to slowly post them and all the thousands of other Quartz and various crystals I have gathered up. Even today I again placed an order for more crystals haha. I just know when I see some I am supposed to connect with and activate.

Anyway back to the Tantric Twin Quartz Crystals!

Obviously Tantric Twin are Quartz and Quartz is special all on its own. I actually didn't even really intend to go on such a crazy Crystal journey, but Quartz was the one to induct me into the hall of Crystal crazy.

I've always loved Crystals but this special day that I happen to look at one began a deeper understanding of their beautiful qualities and power. I knew that I was to get some crystals and activate and then post to find the correct homes. However the very first batch I had here when I was writing up a note to send with the crystals that I was activating, of which were Quartz, I noticed some unique things. Things I have seen before but had never actually studied or thought about deeper. The actual shape of the crystal, the points, lines, faces and walls. All of a sudden all had a purpose. I named a few things off in the note and then began a huge digging into quartz crystals online.

Oddly the first thing I opened my phone to was starbrary crystals and this is prior to me searching, it was just there my phone had been on my Etsy shop and ended up in anothers, with starbrary crystals.. The full story is one for another time, but basically these are crystals that star beings leave the markings on and have gained popularity over the last few years. I have mixed feelings on the information surrounding them but I will have to make a full post to share why and what I actually feel is the truth around it all. Not to dismiss the star energy or anything like that, but some of the actual races that are being named are not desirable energies to want to begin with. Basically if you get some try to stick with Pleiadian, Lyran, Andromedan, Sirian and avoid the frequency they are intending with the others. Which again there is more to it than just that, but I need a full post to really deliver the full scope and reasons I feel as I do. I actually have some that were given to me years ago by a protégé who has since passed away. She was a Lyran starseed, and struggled a lot here on Earth, she brought me 2 starbrary crystals from Lyra. I never gave much attention to them until the crystal awakening, and prior to I thought that people had mined in alignment with the stars to retrieve them. I didn't know that they were based off the crystals themselves. However it is just a rabbit hole of information to discuss later.

So basically the Tantric Twin is Quartz, which we have established.

Quartz is extremely high vibrational and will amplify the energy of any other Crystal near by. It can also amplify any intentions that you give to it.

Whatever you program and activate within them will be amplifying and magnifying into the energy and frequencies its emitting.

You may be able to now understand how these could have been used and abused in our distant past and were a big reason for the destruction of Ancient civilizations.

Well not them themselves, but those who used and knew how to work with them at their most pristine embodiment.

Quartz can be programmed and downloaded with information as well.

Many of the pieces we find today were actually used in the ancient past in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria to store information, and collected much of the wisdom, light, and Teachings that they shared and lived by. Prior to the downfall.

They knew the power of the crystals and programmed them to aid in many ways. They were used to help in healing, and understanding, to connect to each other, and elements of the Earth. To see with new perspectives, and many were used to house information and wisdom that we can access now through mediation and intentions.

Each Quartz has intricate and unique designs, lines, information on the faces and walls of its being. You can tell a lot about a Crystal just by looking at the Crystal and the markings it has.

Some of the more desired are those which we call record keepers. They have tiny pyramids on the surface of the faces. These are said to be indicators of ancient information being stored within them. The pyramid can be on the surface raised up or sunken in. Raised is Said to help us receive from our past lives and ancestral line. Sunken were programmed in the past by those in Atlantis and Lemuria.

Funny enough, a lot of the crystals I have ordered through intuition and divine guidance, actually have the record keeper markings! I have some raised and some sunken. Some have so many I can't count and some are so small you can't see with the naked eye. However I just knew they were there, and so I purchased a tool to make sure and find them when feeling led to look.

Some Crystals I ordered only had one image to judge from if I should add to my mission, which is by the way to gather the correct Crystal beings, activate them, cleanse them, and get them to their appropriate keepers.

You may be a keeper, or you may be guided to get one to gift to another. You may get one and find it disappear literally into thin air, this can happen when we are only meant to be the bridge in how a Crystal gets to its appropriate destination.

Sometimes they disappear and then reappear later to work with you. It's all about your energy and frequency.

Another thing that happens is with the actual records and markings of Crystals. You may find a Crystal without any markings and then one day a pyramid record keeper appears. Or even 100s of them appear! I know because I have had it happen. I also have the jewelry magnifying light or a jeweler's loop to help me study the Crystals since all the times of second guessing and letting one go without certainty if I informed them of all the info I can feel. Sometimes you will have a record keeper and not even know because the pyramid markings are so small.

There is 100s of identifying marks too. For instance if the pyramid is upside down that becomes a trigonic and helps with soul Retrieval or to remove entities.

There are rutilated, scanners, skeletal, tabular, receivers, windows, lineated, imprints, cathedrals, enhydro, E.T., Delvic Temples, barnacles, inner child, keys, etched, fade, isis, Masculine, feminine, library's, celestial, fenster, manifestation, growth interference, bridge, quantum, Triggers, spiral, self healed, sheets, Wands, transmitters, channeling, Master dow, scepter, warriors, gateways, initiations, marlins, Master Matrix and the list goes on and on!

You can have a Tantric Twin with record keeper's, and lineated lines as well as a window and time link.

And yes all of that would mean something and when I sell a Tantric Twin I study it and inform the new keeper of all these aspects. The possibility is limitless with Quartz honesty.

Every time I think I know all there is to know I find one that has some crazy mark or feelings and I will plop down and research What other shamans have found and my own guidance to come to a conclusion. Usually it is something totally unique and rare or amazing and makes me so extremely excited to have caught it.

I just wish I could ensure those who get the crystals actually understood or cared in the way that actually respects the Crystal. I can't judge because I used to be the girl who got a pretty one or the one that said it did xyz just because.

However my little awakening to just how incredibly detailed and specific each one is has made me respect them so much more. I struggle to post some and have a collection I will not allow just anyone to see or receive from. I know that when the correct person comes I will have the Crystal for them.

Until then I will share them slowly and Intuitively, with set intentions and the Activations I am guided to perform, to hopefully help the world shift and raise the vibe.

I will try to share more about the different kinds of Crystal types and aspects as it is appropriate.

This actually started as a listing for a Crystal and somehow became a blog post.

As usual I just do what I am told to and led to with love.


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Dec 15, 2021

I love my crystals and wish I had more time to examine every single marking. I find crystals to be extraordinarily!!!

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I get so weird and super sucked into them I had to cut myself back from the hot mess I was becoming lol

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