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10 Tips To Navigate The Pleiadian Lineup! (November 15th - 20th)

Happy November!

Did you know the Pleiadian Lineup is coming up this month??

The Pleiadian Lineup is essentially a time when the earth is aligned with the Pleiades in such a way the energy is enhanced and increased during this time.

The energy will continue to increase as we approach the height of the Lineup from the 15th to the 20th. The Pleiadian Lineup happens twice a year in May and November and has always been an amazing experience for me. My birthday falls on the height of the May lineup and that is how I stumbled on to the information years ago.

(Lavendar from Starseed hotline has more information about the lineup, as well as starseed markings in our birth charts, and her discovery of them on her website.) Since having an awareness and the ability to set intentions around these dates I've experienced an increase of manifesting abilities, connection to the Emissaries of Light, and just beautiful and unique opportunities that seem to always line up with the line up! You may have an increase in energy, or have times when you need more rest, it really depends on what frequency you receive and how you need to integrate it. Some of this will be done during sleep so expect your dreams and Astral travels to be more vivid. This is also a time when walk in souls come in and test you so to speak. This could be a chance encounter at a cash register, in a random isle of a store, walking down the street, really anywhere and anyone could be a guide in disguise.

Basically checking in on your energy and possibly testing your empathy and compassion! So be nice to strangers, the stranger they are the more likely to be a guide saying hello. These encounters will be memorable and stick out to you!

There is also the possibility of souls completely up and leaving while a new soul comes in to take over the mission. This is rare but does happen so be prepared for anything. If someone suddenly has no memory of their prior life, usually associated with a big traumatic experience, this may be a walk in experience.

As I said it is rare and always agreed upon by the 2 souls switching places so to speak. There will be many Activations and an energetic cleansing happening at this time as well.

You should set intentions and affirm what you would like to receive over this coming month and weeks. This is a powerful time to be aligned and to create the reality of your dreams!

Pleiadian energy will be strong, assisting in anchoring unconditional love to the planet and our current timelines. Use this love to your highest potential and be in a receptive open mode of allowance. The more you receive the more you can give, and the more you give the more you can receive.

Think of yourself as a battery being charged up by the light of Alcyone, our great central sun, and then emanating this out to all those around you. You will also be assisting not only in anchoring these new frequencies but transmuting old and lower vibrational frequencies.

Make sure to take plenty of time to reflect and practice self care!

Here are 10 tips to navigate this current energy shift, and benefit the most!

  1. Salt baths will assist in clearing your energy and body

  2. Meditation is encouraged and should be done daily even if for 5 minutes! Take time to connect

  3. Eat nourishing foods but also treat yourself with nuts or chocolate to stay grounded and present on the Earth where you're needed!

  4. Be sure to drink water and other liquids that will keep you hydrated and running at full power.

  5. Visit nature, especially star gazing will be a powerful experience at this time, you will likely see many ufo and phenomena in the sky!

  6. Make a list of affirmations to recite daily every morning and evening or even on your bathroom mirror so you are reminded every time you wash your hands.

  7. Practice gratitude daily and tell the universe what you're grateful for as this will attract more to be grateful for!

  8. Ask the Emissaries "show me" with a set intention or manifested idea in your mind. For example maybe you need an extra $777 to pay bills. Well ask them to show you, trust, and release resistance and they will! (I made exactly that request one year during the November lineup, had a class bring in the 777 and later that day someone donated 300 to my channel and I ended the day with 1100 in my pocket)

  9. Ask what you can be doing to give back to the community! Its time to align with your purpose and passion in this world. Even writing a blog post or sharing this one with others is giving back to your community!

  10. Go easy on yourself as well! You will be very busy on an energetic level and there is no reason to feel sad, guilty, or unhappy with your life. If you feel those ways ask where is its source and how can you eliminate that source of pain!

Sending tons of love to all of you this Pleiadian Lineup and always! Thank you for reading and being a part of the change this world so desperately needs!

In Munay Namaste Bridget

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