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Can Twin Flames Be Toxic? Watch Out For These Red Flags!

Is your twin flame a narcissist? Can a twin flame connection be toxic and detrimental to your well-being?

Many people on the internet talk about the signs of a twin flame, the stages that every twin flame relationship goes through, the twin flame union, and whatnot. Let's talk about the unpleasant stuff today. Can Twin Flames be toxic? Can you do anything about unhealthy twin flame dynamics?

can twin flames be toxic
Can A Twin Flame Relationship Be Toxic?

Is Your Connection With Your Twin Flame Toxic?

First of all, let me ask a question. What made you click on this post?

Were you just curious? Or, are you wondering if your relationship (more likely, a situationship) with your Twin Flame is toxic? That should give you the answer to your question.

If you need answers about if your connection with your twin flame or anyone is toxic, something is obviously not okay. Let's figure that out.

What's bothering you? Why?

Other versions of this question I hear are

  1. Can A Twin Flame Be Karmic?

  2. Why Do Twin Flames Fight All The Time?

  3. Can My Twin Flame Be A Narcissistic?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, you might wanna read this post until the end.

Some common problems that people who resonate with the "Twin Flame" label are:

1) My Twin Flame keeps on"running" away from me? Does he not love me? Am I crazy?

toxic twin flame dynamics

The famous runner-chaser dynamic is all over the internet. But, is it healthy for your well-being?

The answer is no!

It drives you crazy. They keep on telling you that they are not interested, but twin flame readings on YouTube assure you they are just scared of the intensity of the connection.

What's true? Who do you listen to?

Do you want to know the honest truth about who you're going to listen to? This is coming from my personal experience. And, I know that many of you can relate to it.

The one that tells you what you want to hear.

Your "twin flame" not being in love with you is really hurtful. You don't want to hear it. Afterall, aren't you both meant to be with each other? I'm sure that you must be thinking if there's something wrong with you. You're scared that the one person who was destined to love you keeps on proving that they don't care? What do you do?

You build stories in your head - stories that support that the connection is real, that your twin flame has just not spiritually awoken yet. Once they do, they will fall head over heels in love with you.

But, will it ever happen?

You don't know that. No one does.

Why put your life on hold for someone who clearly doesn't value you?

Can Twin Flames Be Toxic?

Yes!! Of course!

Any type of connection that doesn't support you/holds you back is toxic.

Your "Twin Flame" may not be as invested as you. As a result, they may be trying to "run" from you. Does that mean they will never love you?


But, that also doesn't mean that you need to put your life on hold for them. Please don't waste your time with someone who doesn't want to be with you! Trying to make someone love you back doesn't work.

Twin Flame Separation is not a death sentence. Don't make it one.

2) I'm not sure if someone I'm interested in is my Twin Flame. The connection is fiery. I miss them all the time. But, they seem very aloof. How do I know for sure?

toxic twin flame relationship

Let's get back to the first question I asked in this post. Can Twin Flames Be Toxic? Why do you want the answer to this question?

Are you scared that this person doesn't care as much as you do?

If I tell you that they are not your Twin Flame and this is a karmic connection, will your attitude towards them change? What if they aren't? How about then?

Take some time to think about it.

You know, we may try to trick the Universe. But, our guides are so much smarter than us. They aren't giving us a clear answer for a reason.

Do you want to invest in this hot and cold situation? Whether they are your twin flame or not should not affect your answer.

Can Twin Flames Be Karmic?

So what if it is? It doesn't matter what label you use for the connection. If a relationship is not good, you need to choose yourself and make a plan to leave.

Allow time to test the connection. If they are meant to be with you, they will return at the right time. If they aren't, why bother?

There's someone out there who will love you more than this person ever will. Why not be with them? If they are your twin flame, let the Universe decide when they should return to your life. Don't force a connection with someone who's not ready to commit.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to play God. This is common sense.

3) I have an anxious attachment style but twin flame is avoidant.

You see why this is an issue, right? The more you cling to your partner, the more they "avoid" you.

toxic twin flame dynamics

Is your Twin Flame toxic?

In this situation, yes! How can they not be? This connection is detrimental to your mental health and overall well-being.

Can our attachment styles change?

Yes! With therapy, counseling, and time, our attachment styles can change. We can become more secure. But, this is not going to happen while you're engaging with this individual. Both of you need time to heal your attachment issues.

5 Major Red Flags To Look For In Any Relationship

twin flame red flags

Your twin flame shouldn't make you feel unsafe, ignored, or hurt.

Twin flame connections may be difficult. However, any connection that negatively impacts you is not worth pursuing.

Can A Twin Flame Be A Narcissist?

Narcissistic people can't love. Can you think that a narcissist is your Twin Flame?

Yes! Are they? No!

Even if you think that your person is your twin flame, always be aware of the following red flags.

1) You don't feel safe when you're with them.

If you don't feel safe with your partner for any reason (no matter how small), it's time to get out of this relationship.

2) They pretend to not understand your needs.

First of all, never shy away from expressing your needs. If you've clearly stated that your needs are not being met, and they are dismissive of it, this relationship is not worth your time. It doesn't matter if you think that they are your twin flame, someone who's meant to be with you will be respectful of your needs.

3) They are too broken to care.

Sometimes, especially if we've had a traumatic past, it's challenging to invest in emotional connections. It doesn't mean that we have the right to take advantage of those who care about us. If someone is not unable to be there for you when you need them, it's time to cut the cords.

Maybe in the future, if you're both ready, you can try making things work. Right now, you're only hurting yourself.

4) They are abusive in any way.

If your partner is abusive to you, they are not your twin flame, regardless of what you think and feel. This is most likely a trauma bond which you are confusing as a Twin Flame connection.

Please seek professional help to help you heal and get out of this situation.

5) They don't have time for you.

When you're working full-time, you're obviously not going to spend 12 hours a day chatting with your partner. But if your person is too busy to give you a few minutes of their day, it might be the time to ask them why.

Is your Twin Flame is toxic? What if this person is narcissistic? Can you do anything about it? Can you heal a connection?

Can you fix or heal a toxic twin-flame connection?

healing a toxic twin flame relationship

The first thing you need to do to heal your connection is to distance yourself from it. Take as much as you need to deal with the aftermath of the breakup.

However, if your twin flame is open to working on the connection, seek professional help to help you both be the best partners you can be to each other.

Otherwise, focus on self-love. It's okay to let go of a toxic relationship.

As far as they are concerned, try to forgive them for the mistakes they have made. Focus on your healing. When the time is right and the stars have aligned in your favor, you will be able to achieve the twin flame union that you so clearly desire and deserve. Until that happens, focus on your well-being.

Lastly, if your twin flame relationship is toxic, don't force a "Union". Focus on yourself and allow the Universe to take care of you.


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