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Full & New Moon Magick: How Does Moon Impact you?

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Even if you know nothing about the moon, I'm sure you must have heard about its influence on horoscopes and astrology readings. The moon is a majestic celestial object whose impact on tides and our planet make us wonder if there is more to it. Does it affect our thoughts, actions and feelings?

Different people in spiritual communities have their own relationship with Full Moon Rituals, New Moon Ceremonies and Moon Magick in general. We all have different perceptions. So, if anything I say doesn't resonate with you, think of it this way- when white light passes through a prism, it divides into 7 different colours based on their wavelengths. This is an analogy for how life words for every one of us. Our minds are like prisms and our perceptions are diverse like the different colours that make up white light. If you resonate with me, however, feel free to pin or save the post for later use.

So, how does the moon impact you?

I think that solely depends on you. The moon doesn't have an influence on you in the sense of being a celestial force that watches over you and intervenes in your life. But, everything in creation shares a common source- being a part of the source's consciousness, we are interconnected not only with each other but all there is. The more energy we give in meditating or working via rituals with the New and Full moons each month, the more in tune we become with its energy and the more it starts influencing our mood, feelings, thoughts and life in general.

Is it a bad thing?

No, I feel it's quite the opposite because connecting with the moon is just another opportunity to remind ourselves of the source that we all come from.

Moon in all its phases, I feel, mimics the entire process of creation. For the sake of clarity- we'll focus on the 4 main moon phases- new moon, waxing moon, full and waning moon.


new moon, new moon meaning, new moon spiritual meaning

The New Moon is the silence before another moon cycle begins. It encourages a new beginning and heralds a boost in cosmic energy. If anything in your life doesn't support you, it's a perfect opportunity to shed the old and welcome a new life.

When we correlate moon phases with the creation of the universe, it's the creative force in darkness. Where does everything come from? Nothing, right? The New Moon represents this nothingness- a place we have all come from and where we can all tap back into. This place represents the unlimited potential that life itself came from.

Tuning into and working with New Moon Energies can help us reach out to Source, The Creator of all there is. It can also help us awaken the creative potential inside of us- since we are all indeed part of the Source itself.


waxing moon, moon phases, moon magick

The waxing moon represents growth- it is a time for illumination and momentum. It is the perfect time to make small changes in life that support your vision. Or, you can choose to focus on your own spiritual development. Remember, everything around us is a reminder for healing.

It's time to create opportunities to step into alignment with our higher purpose. It is time to put energy into your manifestation- actually doing what you need to manifest what you want.

The waxing moon represents the expansion of the Creator energy itself- when the creator becomes "created". It may be time to birth your own projects.


full moon, full moon rituals, full moon magick

The full moon is a time for completion. the manifestation, the end of the cycle that began 14 days ago. It may be a time in your life when you experience the fruition of your desires, that is if you put in the work that you were supposed to.

The full moon is a time to celebrate the creation at large or it can ever signify the end of a creation cycle.


As the light starts to recedes after the full moon, it is a time to tune into our own shadow- what patterns/behaviours are helping you and which ones are holding you back? It is also a time to shift your focus to your own light.

It represents the phase of creation when the Source withdraws its energy and marks the end of the cycle. It can be a time when the "created" becomes the "creator" since we all come from and have unlimited potential inside of us.

It all depends on you! How you see the world is how you will live it. Everything around you is an opportunity to expand your consciousness. It all depends on you and how you perceive the world!

What to do on the Full Moon? What about the New Moon?

Set your intention- how so ever makes sense to you!

You can make vision boards on new moons to define what you want to achieve. During the waxing phase, you can work a little extra ( a couple of hours each day) for the fulfilment of your vision. You can celebrate life or write affirmations on Full Moons. During the Waning Moon, you can release control and make space for your manifestation to come to you.

If you are a Munay Ki initiate, you can connect with different archetypes on different Moon Phases. Call on the serpent on New Moons to help you release the old cycles and patterns you are stuck in. As the Moon shifts to the Waxing Moon, call on the hummingbird to give you

strength and energy to complete seemingly impossible journeys. Call on the Eagle on the Full Moon to help you rise above the illusions and see the world from the eyes of the Creator, the Great Spirit. As the moonlight recedes, connect with the archetype of Jaguar to help you release the old and swipe away energetic blocks preventing your manifestation.

Again, it is all about your intention.

You can also tune into the moon energies and ask it to introduce you to its wisdom. In tarot, the moon represents intuition- your inner wisdom that can help you navigate the dark. The High Priestess holds a crescent moon at her feet indicating mastery over the unknown. Become your own priestess by mastering the energies of the Moon by regular meditations, rituals, New and Full Moon ceremonies. The New Moon and The Full Moon every month offer you a chance to tap into your soul and become wiser, more balanced and aligned with the energies of the universe. Remember, you are the creator of your reality and it is up to you to choose how you connect with the Moon Phases.

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