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How To Easily Use A Pendulum For Divination And Get Accurate Guidance?

pendulum dowsing

How To Easily Use A Pendulum For Divination And Get Accurate Guidance?

A pendulum is by far the easiest tool you can use to get proper guidance for your life. It's not complicated. You don't need a manual for pendulum dowsing. I know you know all that and still fail to get the right answers. Why?

I will explain the reason for that in this post. But, before we get to it, let's go through some basics.

What Is A Pendulum? Why Do We Use It For Dowsing?

pendulum, dowsing

A pendulum is a symmetrical object made up of a metal/crystal base with a string attached to it. This base can be pointed or round.

While tarot and other divination tools can be just as accurate, the pendulum makes the process so much easier.

Traditionally, pendulums and dowsers were used to find a source of water. Based on the guidance of the pendulum, our ancestors decided whether or not to dig a well at a particular spot.

Nowadays, we use it to honor the struggle they went through and the innovation that has brought mankind to this point. A pendulum can also be your go-to for daily guidance. Or, you can reserve its use for making important decisions.

However, please be careful that you do not begin using it to make life-changing decisions right away. It takes some time to master every skill, be it cloud computing or pendulum dowsing.

How To Use A Pendulum For Dowsing?

how to use pendulum for dowsing

There are quite a few steps that you need to follow to build a relationship with your pendulum.

If you're a beginner, you don't need to buy an expensive pendulum made from a rare metal/crystal. You can just make a pendulum in a DIY fashion. You can use your pendant as a pendulum. Or, make a temporary pendulum using a ring and a thread. As your relationship with a pendulum grows, you can buy a more professional one.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, using a pendulum is not complicated. Yet, many people get confused about cleansing or charging it. Some struggle to understand if they even need to do that and how they can do it without much hassle. Many people find cleansing and charging a bit woo-woo. Honestly speaking, I do too. So, let me make this so much easier for you.

Let's get started!

To use a pendulum for dowsing, feel free to use this 5 step guide!

1) Do the "cleansing" the easy way

how to cleanse and charge your pendulum

Before you spray holy water on your pendulum, let me tell you that you don't need to do it. The purpose of cleansing the pendulum is to remove unwanted energies. Do you wanna know the easiest way to cleanse your pendulum?

The Law Of Assumption!!!

Simply imagine that your pendulum is already cleansed and is giving you accurate guidance. It understands your needs and concerns and comforts you every time you ask a question.

Of course, it's gonna take at least 5-10 minutes for you to get into this vibration.

Other than that, if this is not your thing and you love to be witchy, feel free to use any tool you like to cleanse the negative energies. Some people use sage or Palo Santo, while others love bathing their pendulum in rock salt. You can also keep it under sunlight.

2) "Charging your pendulum", what's that all about?

Charging your pendulum is feeding it your energy. Whenever you use a tool, it takes a while to "charge" or "attune" it. Why do you need that?


Let me explain.

A pendulum is an inanimate object until you choose to give it life by choosing it to help you. It's you giving it consciousness so it responds to you. For it to be "alive" and respond to you, it needs something that keeps it alive- the life force energy that we call Chi, Ki, or Prana. This is why pendulums made of crystals are easier to "charge". Crystals already have consciousness. You only need to build a relationship with them. You don't need to "make them alive".

For you to use a pendulum (or any divinatory tool), you need to know how to "give" life. This is the very essence of alchemy. A stone doesn't need to be converted to gold. But, when you master energy, you learn to manipulate it.

Energy is intelligent. You can't manipulate it against its will. But, you can work with it to help others and fulfill your purpose. Always keep this in mind before you engage in any self-serving endeavor.

Anyway, let's get back to the pendulum. Obviously, you won't be cleansed and charge a pendulum on Day 1 (unless you already are an energy healer). It's gonna be a while. But, the sooner you learn these fundamental concepts, the easier working with a dowsing pendulum will get for you.

You can charge your pendulum easily by:

  • Giving it Reiki

  • Meditating with it

  • Opening a vortex around it

  • Keeping it under a patch of soil for a few days(asking Mother Earth to charge it for you)

  • Keeping it under moonlight on a full moon

  • Bathing it in moon water(water kept under the moon overnight)

  • Intentionally blowing on it

3) Communicate with your pendulum

how to use a pendulum

Before asking your questions, I suggest that you have a one-on-one conversation with a pendulum. Explain your needs and the purpose of using them. Treat it as your equal.

When you're ready, hold it using two fingers and ask which way it will rotate/move to indicate a yes. What about a "no"?

4) Ask your question

I know this is the step you've been waiting for. I have bad news. You need to wait a little more. Why?

When you first start working a pendulum (or anything for that matter), it takes some practice. You may get wrong answers first. Why?

It takes a while to build any relationship, whether with a person or a tool. It's okay to get things wrong for a while. Maybe try a different method for cleansing and charging to see what works for you.

Please don't use a pendulum to make a life-changing decision especially when you're using it for the first time. It's okay to get things wrong when you're a beginner. It's not a big deal

Even when you're experienced, I suggest that you only use a pendulum as a tool. Don't make it a habit to use it for every single decision you have to make. You have a brain for a reason.

5) Keep your pendulum safe

crystal pendulums

Again, you don't need to keep it in a bowl of holy water. But, make sure you keep it properly in a small bag or a drawer. After all, you infused it with life-force energy. Throwing it here and there like I do is kind of an insult. I'm learning to be better though. So should you.

Okay! I think we're done with today's lecture. If you've read this post, congratulations! You now know everything I know about pendulum dowsing. As I continue to learn more about pendulums and how to use them, I will continue to share it with you. Until then, happy dowsing!


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