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Cord-cutting essentials: Why and how to cut your cords?

Every time you interact with someone toxic, they latch onto you via an energetic cord; And, every time you feel loved, valued, cherished by someone you love, you connect with them via a positive cord? How does it all tie in with cord cutting? Let me explain.

Cords are essentially etheric connections you form with your friends, lovers, family or basically anyone you interact with. They are not literal ropes binding you. But the energy exchange you have with others can either help you or drain you- making being mindful of cords extremely essential. Do you still have no interest in cutting your cords, especially to those people who hurt you or drain you every single day?

Are you still confused about whether you need to cut your cords? Here are some signs that you can check to see if you have any toxic or energy cords that you need to break free from:

energetic cords, cord cutting

  • You feel empty or depressed for no medical reason. Here's an article about essential oils you can use to heal depression.

  • You get sick often without a cause. OR normal stressors can leave you unwell for days.

  • You have experienced physical, mental or sexual abuse in your past( or you still do).

  • You feel overwhelmed and tend to overreact often. Don't worry! I can relate.

  • You are not particularly proud of your past- owing to your own behaviour or the misdemeanour you tolerated in the name of love.

  • You don't think the environment or the people around you are healthy or supportive.

  • You feel anxious at least once every day.

  • You are unhappy about one or more areas of your life- be it love, family life or career.

Does any of it seem familiar to you?

Now, let's learn how we can cut cords.

  • Surrender

Often we feel too powerless to cut our cords. Please know that you have as much power as you allow yourself to have. Your higher self has an unlimited reserve of power, integrity and love. If you feel weak, ask your guides to show you just how strong you are. Surrender to their embrace and let them take care of you. Call on angels, Emissaries, Jesus or anyone you believe in. Many people call on and trust Archangel Michael to cut their cords and protect them.

angel, Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

  • Visualize

Visualize a scenario where your guides are releasing all negative cords and restoring your energy. Visualization can be as brief or as elaborate as you want. You can even take a salt bath for renewing your energy OR use sage or resin to cleanse the energy. Use every tool that makes sense to you. Just be discreet.

  • Believe and Repeat

We form cords every day. It's imperative for us to be mindful of that and release them regularly. Also, consider doing a protection ritual as soon as you cut your cords to avoid any further toxicity. Trust the process.

Voila! You're done.

Once you do cord cutting ritualistically and regularly, you will feel energetic, renewed and free from your past blockages. Allow yourself to breathe, take a break and enjoy your peace before you get back to the nuances of the modern world.

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What happens after I cut cords?

Well, if you do cut your cords regularly, you will start feeling lighter and more relaxed. You will gradually learn the importance of boundaries and not let certain people or circumstances overpower you. Whenever you feel down, you will feel equipped to let that issue go. Cord-cutting is especially helpful if you are an empath. Cutting cords will help you let go of the unnecessary energetic burden. Of course, after cutting your cords, don't forget to protect yourself and open your sacred space.

Q2. Can I cut cords with my Twin Flame?

That really depends on what you really want to do. If you're feeling bitter and want to have nothing to do with that person and want cord-cutting as a way to "remove" them from your life, it won't work! You can only cut negative cords. There's no way any cords of love can be broken. (Love here does not solely refer to romance). That doesn't mean you're completely powerless and your fate of being with that person is set in stone. Just think of it this way, if we were talking about any other person, would you worry this much? What is it about the idea of Twin Flames that you're holding onto for life? Why is one person the centre of your life?

You can definitely cut negative or hurt or resentful cords coming from or going to your TF. Why do you want to get rid of him/her? Why does it hurt so much? Is it just because they are supposed to be the love of your life and aren't acting that way? Or is the issue deeper than this? Do you have unhealed abandonment issues that this person is triggering? I can understand that even the idea of "losing the love of your life" can be devastating. Honestly, please don't assume that you will never find love just because someone who doesn't even know or is not awakened enough to understand that they are your Twin Flame doesn't love you.

Cut the negative cords and do not worry. You can never cut the cords that stem from a high vibrational source.

soul, angels

Q3. Will I stop having feelings or will that person completely vanish from my life after I cut cords?

Quite frankly, No. Every individual is sovereign and has total autonomy of their energy. You get to choose who you interact with and care for and the other person chooses for themselves. Cord-cutting is an energetic act to realise unnecessary burdens, hurt and pain. You can visualise giving the negativity back to where it came from or giving it to a higher power to transmute. You can also visualize giving it to Earth to transmute it to energetic manure. Bridget came up with this visualization after working with Munay Ki's Bands of Power.

While you and the other person will feel the energetic shift on some level, how they respond to it in 3D will depend on them. They may out of nowhere start talking about how they think about you or how they think that you will leave. Or, they may choose to focus on different things in life and may reduce touch. They may also not say or do anything at all. You, on the other hand, will feel more difference in energy, as you were the one who initiated the cutting of the cords and releasing their energy. This may take a while depending upon how sensitive you are to energetic shifts and changes.

Q4: I've heard that cord-cutting does not remove the root issue. Is it true? What should I do?

Why cut them from the middle? You can simply visually cut the cords at their point of origin and call on Archangel Michael and Raphael to help you while your energy restores. Over the next few days or months, some challenges may come up to the surface for you to see what that root was so you can finally release it.

Don't forget to protect yourself after you cut old cords so the other person (especially if they are a narcissist or an energetic vampire) doesn't start feeding on your energy via new cords. Simply visualize white or golden light surrounding you and forming a protective bubble or egg. You can also open a vortex with the intention of energetic protection.

Q5: Is cord-cutting dangerous?

That really depends upon what you're trying to accomplish out of it. There are good people in life, and there are just as many bad ones. Some people may not be inherently bad but trauma can scar them for the worst. If you're reaching out to a healer to cut the cords for you, choose one wisely- someone whose core values align with yours. If your intention while cutting the cords or literally doing anything at all in life is pure, nothing can harm you. If your intention is malicious, karma will catch up to you. If it's rooted in pain, take some to visualise a life full of joy and cut your cords while visualising how it's going to help you live the life of your dreams.

Instead of making a big deal out of cords, just see them as a way we interact with the world around us. Releasing your cords is not going to ruin your life- never has, never will! Again, our beliefs govern how we see and respond to the world, so if you expect something to harm you, your subconscious will make sure that you feel harmed. Those who believe that the devil exists are the only ones who get possessed. Earth is a place of duality and illusions. What you choose to believe or the beliefs that are ingrained in you when you're new to the world form your reality. Don't overthink about cord-cutting or literally anything in life. Just take care of yourself and do what sails your boat.



Unknown member
Oct 26, 2021

Per usual, the information you shared arrived when I needed it. I am preparing a healing/cord cutting ceremony for myself for Samhain. With the help of one of bridgets comments on another post I’ve been connecting to my solar plexus more in trying to identify what’s blocking my emotions and power. It’s connected to my mother line and there’s been energy leaking from me through my navel where the umbilical cord was. For as long as I can remember I’ve always had to cover my stomach with my arms to help me feel safe and comfortable. Really I have a hard time relaxing without my arms there and this realization of the leak through the solar plexus makes sense now.…

Bridget Rau
Bridget Rau
Feb 20, 2022
Replying to

lol that is awesome to hear the progress though. I think we definitely have a weird frequency thing that has us living like some other alternate timeline that nobody else sees lol

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