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Tarot Etiquettes: What you need to know about tarot readings!

Tarot and other divination tools have been used for ages to get a sneak peek of the future, the past, and the unknown in general. But the more these sacred practices are becoming mainstream, the more they are being misused and abused.

If you are here, chances are you have been a fan of Bridget's pick-a-card readings. However, despite the demand, she no longer wishes to continue with making them.

Here's what her concern is:

" Hello this is Bridget Rau, I think I just like to imagine you all singing that lol. Anyway, I have definitely had some trouble with the Pick-a-cards over the last year for sure. I actually have had trouble with readings for Twin Flames more than anything, and on a personal level, I guess there are some layers.

So basically on the first layer of things... I was guilty of allowing myself to get sucked into unhealthy habits and abuse of Readings at one time. It was not intended to be the situation but it just manifested over the course of the time I was also in a "chaser" energy and mindset.

On another level, I also was creating the pick-a-cards every day, and in many ways out of obligation or request from others. It got to the point where I was seeing people unsubscribing if I was not a robot and posting every day by the same time. I didn't even post anything else but they still would leave due to my inability to pump out a reading fast enough.

Now when I look at the channel it feels really really bad. I am just being honest and doing my best to clear it and cleanse it. There are also other things that happened along the way that sucked and that is the channel that seems to get the shit, so I guess there are many reasons why I am struggling to pump out the twin flame content.

I will tell you though, my twin has been around for 22 years and I was only a couple of weeks into studying and awakening when realizing what a Twin was. I had written a poem that I saw tonight, it was actually before I knew a Twin but he was the one on my mind when I wrote. So I will always have a little Twin Flame energy and updates. Just don't let toxic or karmic ruin your lives as many have tarnished the Twin energy and cause great confusion and pain. Discern and be safe!

I weaned off of my watching problem and made the difficult decision to stop the posts on the Bridget Rau channel. I basically don't want to create content that anyone may use to get stuck in illusion or false hope.

As a healer, I just want to make things right and true. Offer healing, inspiration, and love that is supportive. I plan to do more of that on Bridget Rau as we do on Divine Essentials. Monika has done an amazing job writing and explaining how to best use the readings for yourself and I do believe all she included is very helpful!

Thank You, Bridget!"

I've had my own experience of abusing tarot reading or misconstruing a message that was delivered in it. Based on that, in this article, we'll be sharing what you need to know about tarot readings and how you can get the best out of tarot!

tarot cards
Tarot Etiquettes to get the best out of your readings!

For online readings: pick a cards/ tarot lives

1) Never binge readings!

Binge-watching a Netflix show is bad enough for your eyes, productivity, and health in general, binge-watching tarot/psychic readings can be even more disastrous. Here's why:

You're expecting tarot to miraculously solve all your life problems- which can't happen! Tarot is a tool used by psychics to receive divine guidance, but once you receive the guidance you need, it becomes your responsibility to start working on yourself! Watching readings after readings will just confuse you- We are all human beings, every reader has a different reading style and a different set of beliefs and perspectives- they'll be channeling based on their own limitations! Your best chance of receiving quality guidance is finding one who aligns with your beliefs or one your soul resonates with! Don't worry, your intuition will guide you. Just don't let the clutter of your mind block the messages they will deliver to you.

2) Don't be blind to reality!

Tarot readings tap into the unknown aspect of a situation, for sure. But for a reader to dive into the depth of an issue, they will first have to check up the surface level issue- the one you are aware of. If that doesn't resonate for you, the reading is most likely not for you! Never force a tarot reading to fit into your situation just because it shows an outcome you want! Most people generally don't voluntarily misunderstand the message, but if you aren't emotionally stable or unclear about the situation, it may not be the best idea to watch readings blindly!

3) Set firm expectations

General readings on YouTube or Instagram are challenged for a huge following- they are not specific to you! Always be clear about what you want from a reading- what you want may be different from what someone else wants and there will be different messages for different people. Only take what resonates! Don't change your decisions, or what you want simply because of a reading you watched. It's definitely detrimental to your life and it's also not fair of you to expect a reader to make important decisions for your life in a general reading without even knowing specifics of your situation! No one should have to feel that kind of pressure! It may be best for you to not watch readings if you're grieving the loss of a relationship or a loved one unless your intuition specifically guides you to do so. And if there's a message that you need to receive, you'll receive that anyway, regardless of the readings that you watch or don't watch, piles that you choose or don't choose.

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4) Don't get readings from every free live on YouTube

There are multiple lives on YouTube each day. Many of them offer free readings. Here's what you should know about them

  • If you're getting readings after readings, it's likely you subconsciously have something in your mind that you want to hear. If you force tarot to deliver a specific message, a reader/ cards may just get influenced by that and deliver that message- which can make you happy for a while but it still isn't the message you're supposed to receive.

  • Most people offering free readings on YouTube live on a daily basis are beginners wanting to help people while attempting to master tarot. They may not always get the right answer! There's nothing wrong with that, this is how we learn! But, seeking information that you are going to take to your heart or are desperate about from them, or receiving answers to questions that mean the world to you may not play out well for you and your mental peace in general. You'll blame them for your own fault, grow resentful of the readers and the answers they took time and energy to provide for free, and build unnecessary karma for yourself.

  • Receiving readings daily isn't a healthy practice anyway! It will make you codependent on tarot and you'll struggle to even make simple decisions for yourself. If that's not the case, you may even start feeling anxious when you don't get one, or when a reader takes a break before uploading a reading for your zodiac sign or coming live! Has this never happened to you?

5) Don't watch/get readings for every issue in your life

While the tarot is an excellent tool to receive divine messages, the divine is still within you! If you keep on searching for answers outside of you, you are allowing tarot to take charge of your life! Instead, focus on developing your intuition and receive answers directly. Make sure that you spend more time in meditation every day than you do watching readings. This may not be easy at first, but you don't have to quit tarot altogether, just make sure to reduce your reading consumption little by little every day.

For personal readings

tarot reading, tarot reader, tarot cards

1. Provide appropriate information

While getting a private reading, don't withhold relevant information for the sake of testing the reader's ability. A reader will usually assume that the information you didn't provide was something you weren't comfortable disclosing. If you are having a hard time trusting a reader, check out one of the free services they provide before getting a paid reading. At the same time, don't write 20 pages of information for a 10-minute reading. No one will want to read that!

2. Listen properly before you judge the reader

Don't go about passing judgments on a reader before you properly understand what they are trying to say to you! You may not necessarily like the message they channel for you, that doesn't mean they are horrible! You probably weren't ready or prepared for the message they delivered. Give yourself a week to process the information first and then go about complaining. We all come across triggering information at some point in our lives. Triggers just show a hidden block inside your psyche, please go within and look for them before you react rudely!

3. Express your concerns politely

If you feel a reading is completely wrong and doesn't make sense, there is always a way to communicate that politely. Please don't hurl abuses at someone for a reading that didn't make sense to you. One thing I've observed in the spiritual community is the overuse of the term "narcissist". While some people are indeed narcissistic, calling someone one out of spite or because they did a reading which didn't make sense to you isn't exactly the most divine thing to do on your part. Resolve the conflict politely and please understand not every reader is on the same frequency as you.

4. Life is too short to be put on hold

When we're codependent on tarot readings, we expect them to provide answers to all the questions that we can ever think of with hundred percent accuracy. We put major decisions on hold until we get a reading on them- whether we should take that job, trust that person or buy that house. The answers to these questions should come from inside your heart! Readers can read the energy surrounding a particular situation, but these decisions are ultimately yours to make! Also, many readers, due to high demand, have weeks of waiting lists! Don't stall any decision for a reading. If you're asking these questions, it's likely you feel a certain way already about the situation and are confused because you won't accept that or it goes against something/some idea you had in your mind. I suggest trust your feelings and listen to them instead of allowing someone else to make these decisions for you!

5. Psychics aren't Gods

Psychics are people who are in touch with their intuition and receive answers actively from it. Readings aren't set in stone. Your energy will shift based on the decision you take in life! Don't treat a reading as a be-all and end-all of your life. If you don't like something a reading says but is true, work to change that and it definitely will. Also, be mindful that not everyone pretending to be a psychic is one! Please trust your intuition before trusting a psychic blindly! Your thoughts are also capable of influencing a read- please take care of cutting cords and attachments to get the best out of readings.

We hope this blog provided some valuable guidance to you. If you have any other concerns or queries about tarot/oracle readings, please let us know in the comments below! We will get back to you as soon as it is possible for us to!

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