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Top 7 Essential Oils To Dispel Depression

Whether you wake up exhausted every morning or it's been a while since you last wanted to smile- darkness gets us all at some point in our lives. But I have good news for you! For everything that hasn't worked, there are at least ten more remedies that you can try to help yourself- essential oils being one of the finest choices out there.

Essential oils are volatile plant extracts used in aromatherapy for various purposes- stress relief and mental health being the primary motive. All essential oils should be diluted with carrier oils like coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil before use. These can also be blended suitably to be used topically.

Here are some common essential oils used for depression:

  • Lavender

Lavender is one of the most cited essential oils for depression. Not only it soothes the mind, but it has also been used by many women after childbirth to help with post-partum depressive episodes. It is a multi-purpose oil used to promote sleep, reduce overthinking, and for general stress relief. It is also used as an antimicrobial agent for burns and wounds. Lavender is one of the more popular well known oils and can be found in many of the intention sprays in the Divine Essentials Shops.

  • Cedarwood

Cedarwood has a characteristic woody scent that has a grounding and sedative effect. Divine Essentials uses Cedarwood essential oil along with Palo Santo and Sandalwood in her signature Munay Spray used for grounding and protection. It can also be blended with Lavender to combine both of their benefits.

Fun Fact: Cedarwood was also used in Ancient Egyptian to preserve mummies!

  • Frankincense

Ancient Babylonians used to burn Frankincense as a symbol of peace. This in itself speaks volumes of its magnificence. The Frankincense essential oil counters negativity that may be causing depressive feelings. It can also help you attain a meditative state of mind and long-lasting content. Frankincense, Patchouli, and Myrrh are also popular essential oils dating back through the ages. These 3 together work well helping to attract Prosperity and can be found in the Abundance Spray or Anointing Oil on site.

  • Jasmine

Jasmine oil is a well-known aphrodisiac and mood-uplifting agent. Its aroma transmits positivity to your aura and helps you feel more passionate about life and yourself. It can also bring prosperity and fortune your way to further cheer you up. Divine Essentials has recently added a new blend featuring this yummy scent, along with other potent oils for some Astral Sex Magic.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile essential oil is excellent for depression, anxiety disorder, and pain relief. Chamomile has a German and a Roman variety. While both varieties are potent, the German one has a higher concentration of the active constituent, chamazulene.

  • Clary Sage

Inhalation of Clary sage essential oil reduces blood cortisol levels. Cortisol is the main stress hormone in our body. Clary sage can also assist with and ease menopausal symptoms.

  • Grapefruit

Grapefruit essential oil is a citrus oil that can help with feeling revitalized. It has mood-boosting effects and can also help with headaches, hangovers, and anxiety. It is also excellent for weight loss!

How to find the right essential oil brand/seller for you?

While pure essential oils are highly potent, many companies dilute them with fillers to save their resources. Some essential oils can also be adulterated and have misleading labels.

Follow the given tips to choose the right seller for you.

  • Check the ingredients on the label. Only the biological name of the source plant(in Latin) should be mentioned. For example, lavender essential oil should only have Lavandula angustifolia as the ingredient.

  • Check the reviews. Do proper research and check reviews and see if a particular product has helped the previous buyers.

  • Ask for Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy reports from the seller. These are the most common techniques for Quality Analysis of essential oils. A genuine company should be able to produce these upon request.

  • Use your intuition. Allow yourself to be guided to the right product for you.

  • Ask your community! If you are a part of spiritual/holistic health promoting communities, communicate your needs and concerns and experiment with their suggestions.

How to use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used with the help of a diffuser that evenly disperses the oil particles in your vicinity. Some people also keep sachets beside or under their pillow to help them with sleep. They can also be diluted and used together as blends. These blends can be applied directly to the skin if you are not allergic to one or all of the ingredients.

Always do a patch test before going for continuous application. If any essential oil causes irritation or rashes, discontinue the use immediately.

Some essential oils(especially citrus-based like lemon, grapefruit, bergamot) can increase photosensitivity. Do not go under direct sunlight after applying them to your skin. Use an appropriate sun-protective agent.

Most essential oils are generally safe to use. However, they should never be ingested unless specifically advised by a Medical Practitioner.

Use your intention to receive maximum benefits from the oils. Set some time apart for a self-care ritual including the essential oil of your choice- like a bath or a ceremony. If you do not have the resources to purchase a particular essential oil, you can always open a vortex to ask for and receive its benefits in your sacred space.

Do not rely solely on essential oils to treat or cure depression or any mental/ medical condition. Always use them as a complementary therapy to promote your healing.

Need more guidance on which essential oil to use? Get a custom-made aromatherapy product by Divine Essentials for you!


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