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Writing To Heal..

I was looking around for passwords and such to give Mars access to all my courses on Udemy and Daily OM and ended up having this catch my eye especially since Mars and I both do weird notebook people behavior.

Buy them and then decide too pretty to write in, or write one page and never return to it, or return years later, tear one page out, and write just one page again, and repeat the never return thing. Or try to come up with what I will include on the pages of the said notebook, stay on the mark for awhile with keeping the theme going, and half way in decide to mess up then.

Also seems that I never finish the last few pages of a notebook, but keep it around like I will for years. Then finally tear those blank pages out to utilize them somewhere, but don't and instead move them about and in the back page of the current notebook so they can fall out or get wrinkles or some weird thing like that.

Also the pens need to be sure of what pen will be used to write, and ensure there is going to be enough to last the duration of notebook that you do not finish, so basically an endless pen an infinity pen.

I would have most likely killed, or well tried to and failed several more times if I did not have the ability to write as I have over the course of life. My step dad fucked it up for me for awhile when I was living back at home I think around 20 or so which made me not write for a long ass time. I could not trust because he read my stuff and then wrote a note to tell me some stupid thing like do not be bothered by said things I was bothered about in what he read, and mind you this is also the time when I lived there that one night when my mother had been trying to retrain her body for intercourse with prescribed devices that expand in size over time slowly from tiny to bigger because of what effects the chemo had made things difficult.

They were apparently doing something and he said lets go get Bridget's out of the drawer. So not only did he read my notebooks under my bed, he was in my underwear draw looking at my toys too. My mom finally moved downstairs for good the night that I had been drinking and passed out in my room naked. My mom had to go get my sister from friends house, and she told him to not go near the room and to stay down stairs. She set up some stuff to find out if he listened and he did not. All I know is baby powder was used so assuming he stepped in it or something to alarm her that he went to look after she made it extremely clear not to. I also remember that he had literally climbed on the roof to look in my room before, this was because he wanted to catch me with drugs, but basically the dude was sick and weird and I think I have suppressed some things but also do not know. Nor do I really want to.

My Mom was actually very much like me with clear knowing, however men like him made her doubt it. Like for example the night my sister went to Brockton with friends to get cocaine and my Mom called her while she is in the car and they are in getting the drugs, and goes what are you doing Krissy. Sis says oh nothing we stopped so someone could grab a jacket or whatever she said. My mom then says are you sure you aren't getting cocaine with people in Brockton! My mom always slammed us in the head about stay out of Brockton, you will be raped or some horrible thing will happen.

The fact she pulled that out of her though was just the type of shit she did all the time. She fucking knew but she also did not at the same time. So once I realized that part of it I was like ohhh, and it got a little more weird for me actually. Like she would say things detailed and whole and have no clue she was 100% correct but the way she said it you thought she must know. My sister went to a friends and instead of staying there for the night went to the beach park thing at the entrance of the area where her friend lives and slept on the Beach with her boyfriend at the time, and the next morning went to friends and called Mom to come pick her up. My mom came picked her up and asks are you sure you stayed there last night and not on the beach with boyfriends name? My sister was like what!!? No! I was there you just came and got me... and that was it she never said another word. My sister never stayed on the beach again either though, so idk but there is a lot of examples. I still wonder sometimes if she had us bugged or what would lead to her knowing every single thing. Now with what I do I get a lot of people who are like dude were you here last night or we just had all of that exact thing happen. I am the weird one creeping people out now lol.

Anyway as you can see sometimes I just write and things like to be shared and I know it is helpful in the end to not be in the mind anymore. I know some do not like to write or for some reason believe that they need to be a award winner to make a difference with the medium. I did not know until just the other day however how healing and life changing poetry actually can be. There is actually some extensive and expensive certification programs, entire systems in place to help people through trauma and PTSD, all through poetry and the act of reading and writing them.

I have always always been writing poems since I can remember and always can whip out some rhymes without any effort. I never realized nor imagined them to be that therapeutic. However they are a deep dive into the subconscious mind and the words people choose, or the symbolic aspects of the poems they either love to read or use in the writing of their own basically says a lot about the inner mind, emotions, and who the person is. I saw that and considered working it more into things because I already do the channeled DM poems to the feminine, and then Collette Baron Reid like 2 days later was interviewing some woman who writes poetry. They were talking about how powerful they are and so on.

The universe usually ties things all together for me and I have a ton of syncs every day but there is some like these which feel more layered and like I need to follow the yellow brick road a bit until I decide or decode the course of action the universe wants me to take. I actually finished my memoir course and its more so healing through writing a memoir. I also went through detach from unhealthy relationships, and I am quarter way through from Codependent to independent. I am always reading and learning and studying on some level. Shamanism, Psychology, attachment theory and whenever I speak to my Dad he is like you should just be a psychologist or therapist. I was like well in a lot of ways I am but not in a traditional desk and 9 to 5 way that I would despise. I am free to explore shamanic and other beliefs and also apply the logical this is why and what it means, but then here lets make some magic and get rid of it now. Much more fun and have the freedom to do and be and decide how I will move to the next and next and next thing.

Anyway the reason I started this is to share the info about a creativity journal. I think this is a good idea but also a manifesting Journal and I am going to think about the best way to maybe guide people to do that or maybe just make one like my others I have which can be downloaded. I would more so say pick a pretty one or plain that you can make pretty, and then give the 30 days of what to do to make the manifesting and magic happen through the act of writing and creatively designing a journal. So I guess it would be a creativity/manifestor journal.

But this is the little guy that led to the monster of info above lol

Feedback and opinions welcomed.

Keeping a Creativity Journal

One of the best ways to encourage creativity is to try new things.

There are many kinds of journals. Some people record their innermost thoughts and feelings daily. Others write a single poem or a few lines of an essay once a week, every few months, or simply "whenever".

The wonderful thing about journaling is that there are no rules or restrictions. To get your creative juices flowing, start a journal to record inspirational thoughts and ideas, or keep track of an artistic project.

Choose a blank book, preferably without lines, that appeals to you in color, size, and texture. Or make your own journal, designing a cover with drawings and photographs.

Starting is the most important action. In the beginning, you might want to schedule journal time into your day... but even if you don't, you know it is there waiting for you when inspiration strikes.

One of the best ways to encourage creativity is to try new things.

Don't let your preconceived notions of what a "journal" should be get in your way.

Anything too formal or linear is up for grabs when flying with your creativity: write with your non-dominant hand, or write in a different direction -- landscape orientation is a great start, diagonally, or even in a circle. When it comes down to it, you don't even really need to write any words at all: draw, doodle, or paste a collage of images instead.

The important thing is not to worry about your artistic skill in creating the journal, but to focus instead on your own expression. Anything fresh will do to kick-start your creativity: use different colored pens or pencils; fill your pages with colorful doodles; anything to keep you from traveling the same worn paths in your thinking.

Your journal can be about any aspect of your creativity. You may or may not believe it at this moment, but there is no such thing as a "non-creative person". Any collection of fragments can be your repository of dreams, your prompt book for brilliant ideas, or the start of a larger creative endeavor.

Don't just spend time putting a journal together; every once in a while, take it down off the shelf and read it as if you just found someone else's journal lying there (and that it was okay to look inside). The inspiration you discover may surprise you.


I had to revamp and change some things that I will likely make a blog about in the coming time, but basically I am planning to now offer through my own website, and the app that is connected to the site One Level, One Membership offer, and One Group, with a scheduled event One day of the week LIVE on Zoom or share an Activation to help heal and reach Union. Many benefits and bonus offers and some awesome opportunities to grow with me are available for just $22 a month!

The page named memberships explains more in detail about the benefits, The Plans and Pricing is where you sign up, and the pages like Members Only or the E. Empress Archive is locked with only access available to Members who have the Badge.

The codes to Alcyone light Healing Activations are available, there is Business support in archives, but moving forward will be having one to one offers and short videos for people who wish to benefit with support for Business. I already posted the New Oracle Card Creator Course!

Being on my site again also allows me to have the tickets for drop in rates on events too! You can come to the Live readings scheduled the first Tuesday of the month every month and pay to get a reading Live on zoom from me! Members have a free ticket to the events connected to their membership, and they also unlock savings on the events like Goddess Activations, and any other teachings, activations, or classes I share.

Members also get access to book readings with me any time they wish if they are not posted in the main shop they are all listed on Members Only page and some that the public can not acces.

Cutting back on the size of the offers through the memberships is also so I can work outside of the members area. I am returning to complete Alcyone Light Healing on the channel because new classes have come in from spirit. Shamaness, Protection 101, Manifesting, and lots and lots of messages have come in from Emissaries.

The Bonus Call I have scheduled at 9pm

I also plan to post at least one time on Bridget Rau again too. I am not 100% sure yet what my focus will be and it may change over time, but I just have felt a lot different lately and I also am not wanting to add to people being where they should not me. The pick a cards I stopped because they are so easy to manipulate or take messages and apply to self but it is not actually the real truth of things. I can not stop people from lying to themselves, but I definitely do not want to help that behavior either.

I still have a ton of freaky deaky decks that I made for the Twins back when things were just starting with deck making. YouTube took down my ability to make $$ and gave me 30 days to fix the problem. So I deleted videos with over 100k views and that left a bad taste. I worked hard to grow and build and had to take down the most viewed videos. So I went to Insta where they were fine but Facebook took the fun away too. Now I do not really have a place I share definitely not like I used to. I was thinking of a beginning regular reading on YouTube and a extended 18+ elsewhere that people can not take down or waste my time and energy. I have to see how it all flows and goes, but I will be back

to the social media and YouTube accounts again either way!


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21 de mar. de 2022

Awesome. I have never been into fancy notebooks coz it's too hard for me to maintain. I love to journal though. Occassionally, I try not to coz I stay by myself for so long, it gets to the point of "I need to talk to a human being". So, mostly, shit stops when someone hears me out lol. It's literally this simple with me. I write poems too. Not every single day. But, i have noticed that i have gotten pretty graphic about expressing how I feel. I do agree you're a therapist. You have helped me and many others so much. I do feel messed up n lost most of the time, but I have literally gotten atleast 1…

Bridget Rau
Bridget Rau
26 de mar. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thank-you ♡ I am happy to hear that you received some help from things over the time here and I know too without seeing you sometimes that things aren't OK lol. Not always but considering I'm horrible at email and have literally popped on to yours being there with mins of sending before is definitely ku psychic senses working

I wish I could do more for everyone but I'm a freaking hot mess myself sometimes lol I just do well hiding it as someone who showed up to care for parents and be the one all together in life even when far from it you adapt and probably stifle and suppress way too much lol.

I remember the first time…

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